• Sage BW 2023 - System Requirements

    Is Windows 11 go to go for the client PC ?

    Is MS Server 2022  good for the Server in a CS version ?

    I did look at all the docs online, and could not locate this information.


  • SP13

    When will 2021 SP13 be released?


    Barbara McNary

  • End of Life for Business Works?

    Well folks, it's just about time for a new year, and while I write this today, it's December 21st of 2022. Currently the latest version of BW is 2021 SP11, and no new updates for version 2023 which is right around the corner. It's almost time to pass…

  • BusinessWorks 2013 in German


    We're a small to medium flower company in Zurich, Switzerland, and we need a multilingual application for our team. A colleague talked about BusinessWorks 2013 but I'm not sure such a feature exists, to have several languages running in a single…

  • Stumped by "running" BW while trying to apply BW2021 Sp10 to client PC, in a network

    Server 2016 network enviroment

    Server is running BW 2021 SP10

    Client PC - Win 10 all updates

    Fresh restart / OFF for 10 hours (not sleep mode) - BW 2021 client installed from server

    Upon running the BW2021 SP10 updator on the client computer this is the…

  • Businessworks 2013 Installation

    Hello everyone,

    we have been having problem lately with our businessworks 2013. It is not opening up and giving us bunch of different error messages. I uninstalled it hoping to get the installer from sage to reinstall but sage is not helping me here.…

  • install the latest version of Business Works on a Microsoft Server version 2022 Std

    Hi, Has anyone installed the latest version of Business Works on a Microsoft Server version 2022 Std.

  • Unable to download BW 2021


    When attempting to download BW version 2021, this message pops up:

    Sorry, there has been an error
    We are sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you are not authorized to view this document.

    My support plan is current.  What's weird is that I am able…

  • After SP8 update OLE Server issues

    After uploading and installing the SP8 update BW will no longer open. I receive the following error message "Unable to start application OLE Server (server execution failed, Class ID:". This is the complete error message nothing is listed after the Class…

  • 2022 payroll tax update

    Looking for the 2022 updates for payroll. When is the new version with the 2022 payroll updates going to be released for download? 

  • Installed SP6 but ...

    Installed SP6 but received an "Access is Denied" error msg about DBRegister which does not work now.

  • Need help with Launcher - "Unable to connect with the System Manager Database." 7004

    Windows 10 did an update overnight on my system.  I only have one computer.  This morning I can't get into my BW program.  I can't get ahold of anyone at SAGE!  Can someone tell me what to do.  I have the latest BW program 2021 SP 6.  Please help if…

  • Businessworks 2021

    Is BusinessWorks 2021 working now? At the beginning of the year I got an email not to install it because it might crash or something, I can't remember exactly.

  • Upgrading from Sage 2015 to SageBW 2020 new server

    I've installed SageBW 2020 on a new Windows 2019 datacenter server. I am at the step where i need to restore the systems db and running into the following...

    should i proceed with update of Sage BW DB's? 

  • How to install older/retired versions of Sage Business works?

    Hello I am trying to find an installer for Sage business works 2018.0. My clients company is running entirely on 2018.0. I just need an installer for that version.

  • Business Works SP1


  • Register 2021 Sage BusinessWorks

    I want to share what I learned about registering 2021 Sage BusinessWorks.  You need a Serial Number, a Registration Number, and an Unlocking Key FOR EVERY MODULE.  The only way to get this information is to open your software and use Live Chat in the Help…

  • Registration ID

    Where can I find the registration id for Sage BusinessWorks 2021?  I have the download, but I can't register the software and thus cannot use it.

  • Upgrade from Businessworks 2020 to 2021

    We currently have Businessworks 2020 SP3 installed on our server. I see there is a BW 2021 version available. Is that something we can upgrade to as part of our annual package or are we required to purchase the 2021 upgrade?

  • Installing the 2021 SP1 Client Patch

    How do you know if the 2021 SP1 Client Patch installed correctly?  On one of my workstations when trying to install the Client Patch it took me to the App store and I found BW Client and I clicked on it to modify and I selected to reinstall.  All other…

  • Covid setting it up on Payroll I need to open a case with a live person

    I have read all the information on setting up Covid for payroll and need to set up a live help 

    logging into Sage does not work.. the on line help does not connect 


  • Constant "cannot execute due to a network license limit" Errors.

    So, our BW install has been running without issue for years. Yesterday morning my users (5) started reporting "cannot execute due to a network license limit" errors. This is not a hung task or hung user issue as, once everyone has exited the client, no…

  • Upgrade issues... anyone else experiencing?

    We did the upgrade from 2020 to 2021 yesterday and I've received the following from employees on items not functioning as before and/or general irritants:

    • ALL areas where notes are - Notes no longer wrap around, they do a long single line, requiring…
  • Adding a Portal

    Does anyone know if you can add a Portal to Sage Businessworks Software to allow vendors, customers to access certain things, etc.?


  • Sage Businessworks

    Installed a new computer & a new server.  I installed Business works on the new computer and managed to restore companies ....but it will not let me log on .... One user / one user name and password.  Its telling me its an invalid user name and password…