• Export Component List

    I am trying to export the component list for parts within Business Works.  There is no way to do this through the program, but was told you can do this through a query in excel.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Can someone provide steps to query…

  • export payroll from one company to another error

    When exporting my payroll from one company to another I'm getting an export error.  It says invalid account number.  This didn't happen until I did month end.  How do I correct this problem

  • Custom Export Inventory Part Images

    We would like to be able to export inventory part customer prices and images to be uploaded to a website/shopping cart.  In AR, I am choosing Transfer, Custom Export.  I select the AR Customer Prices file, and include <icpart>ImageType and <icpart>Image…

  • Import File Path

    Recently upgraded and the path for the invoice import and the receivable import in the AP and AR mods changed.  The last two characters have been removed.  I can manually add them, but how do a correct the path and save it.


  • Report writer or other data tools within BusinessWorks

    Hi All, 

    We recently acquired a company running sage BusinessWorks and haven't had a lot of success in terms of extracting data out of their environment.  We will be migrating to our ERP system and will need all key master data as well as transactional…

  • Mass updates?

    We use Sage Business Works.  Previously we were told we could not update mass records without hiring Sage.  We have thousands of inventory, vendor and customer records that need changes and are currently processing them 1-by-1.  Is there a mass update now…

  • Import Invoice With Multiple Line Items

    I see how to create a CSV file to import invoices, but it seems to only import a total value.  Is it possible to import an invoice with multiple line items?

  • Previous Year's Employee Hours Missing

    Hello, I've been working on a custom export where I need a list of employees that have worked over 500 hours for 2019. While testing, I run the report in my current year company and everything is great. I go back to my 2019 company file to run the custom…

  • Payroll Import

    I currently use BenefitMall payroll processing which has a General Ledger import file feature which I use to import the payroll.  Unfortunately, BenefitMall is exiting the payroll processing business.  I have a new payroll processor which I am considering…

  • Customer Transaction Import Files

    In trying to develop an Invoice Import template for our production environment, I have been testing it in our Sample Company in Bus Works (2019).  I can't seem to get past a "unknown sales tax id" exception.  I have attached the csv file and…

  • Part Number Labels

    Is there a way to print part number labels out of Sage Businessworks?

  • After 2019 upgrade, my payroll import files do not balance. Is there a fix for this?

    After 2019 upgrade, my payroll import files do not balance. Is there a fix for this?

  • Sales Order Invoice import to BusinessWorks

    We are working with a new company still in Setup Mode.  They have entered several sales orders and invoices in the system.

    It is my understanding the general ledger entries will not post in Setup.

    For other reasons, we may once again set up the company…

  • Inventory Serial Numbers

    We are working with a customer and setting up a new company with the old company inventory listing.

    We cannot find how to import serial numbers to the new company.

    Do serial numbers go with the part to the customer, or does each part keep a separate serial…

  • BW Inventory - importing price levels

    We are working with a new company set up.  

    We have been able to import most information but are missing price levels in Inventory.

    Is there a way to set up a spreadsheet to populate price levels?

  • Changing the fiscal year's end month

    I'm building a new company in order to change my fiscal year end from June to a calendar year. I have copied the old company and exported each month's journal entries (Jan '19 - June '19). Do I need to import just one month at a time - then close that…

  • inventory

    I put an item from a vendor in the wrong part number/ID.   How Do I remove it from one to a different one?

  • Template needed for import vendor w/ status field

    I need to clean up our vendor database and would like to run an export, make my changes and then import those changes back into BW. I have looked at the articles available for vendor import, but they do not address any changes in status. I have over 500…

  • sage business works 50 accounting version 6.0 since 2005. exporting question

    I have sage business works 50 accounting version 6.0 since 2005. Can not figure out on how to export customers, chart of accounts,vendors ect. My version does not have File-export option

  • OurOrderNumber field is not populating on Custom Exports

    Hello Again!

    It appears that our column for order number is not appearing on the export. I have tried an export in both the OE and AR modules, and it does not seem to be saved. 

    Where does this information live? 

    Specifically I am trying to get the order…

  • Error when Importing Sales Orders

    Hello All, 

    I am trying to import sales orders created from a third party. All works as it should, except when adding a discount to a line item. I get an error that says "ERROR: Line item extended price must be equal to line item unit price times line…

  • Error when trying import ARP

    I get an error when trying import Payment (ARP) where I point payment method like a credit card. For this, I create CSV file and use code "-1" (from the documentation) and get the error: "Invalid payment check number".
    Example CSV:

  • Is there any APIs, webservice Or tools for Import/Export data?

    Hi All,

    Is there any APIs, webservice Or tools for Import/Export data?  Please, anyone can share knowledge about it?

    Thanks for your help in Advance,


  • Importing Journal Entries affecting cash into the Cash Management module

    I import journal entries (JE) into the General Ledger module, some of which affect cash accounts. However, they do not depict on the Cash Account Register in the Cash Management module.  I have to manually re-enter the JEs via the "Enter Bank Transaction…

  • Importing Journal Entries

    Is there a better way to import journal entries into Sage BusinessWorks 2015?  Like directly from Excel.  Or a faster way of creating CSV file of many records from Excel, readying it for import?