• Error when print preview ' is not a valid integer.

    Every time we print preview in QE->Reports->Invoice Details Report-> Selected preferred PDF-> Sort by Invoice# ->Reporting period, selected -February, then we received errors saying " ' is not a valid integer value".

    If we…

  • Aloha from Hawaii! Help!

    New to Businessworks.

    Our fiscal close is on Oct. 31. Trial balance data is limited and is only showing me Oct. 2019 to current and nothing prior. 

    How can I access this information? 

  • BusinessWorks 2013 in German


    We're a small to medium flower company in Zurich, Switzerland, and we need a multilingual application for our team. A colleague talked about BusinessWorks 2013 but I'm not sure such a feature exists, to have several languages running in a single…

  • Temporary price increase BusinessWorks 2018

    We the current situation our vendors are sending use notices of temporary price increases.  Is there a way that I can add a flat % to a quote, similar to the freight charge?  Also, is there a way to add an option for an additional line for adding a % for…

  • When Invoicing with Back Orders the back ordered items are cancelled off the original order

    Hi everyone,

    I am new here and this is my first time to post. We use Sage Business Work 2018. Our company has never used the back order feature on Sage Business Works, but it is a feature that is very much needed right now. I tested it today, and I can…

  • BW32-Task4005 is not responding


    We are trying to post an Inventory Receipt Adjustment and the program freezes after about a minute.

    Location: Inventory Control > Purchasing > Purchase Order Receipts

    The odd thing is, there were multiple parts on the purchase order. Only…

  • Unable to Process Part Error Message

    Trying to issue a part to a job and keep getting this error with this particular part. I'm able to post other items to the same job though, so it has to be something with this particular #

  • Negative quantities posting to I/C

    We are currently building a pump, the way we process the job is to charge everything and then at the end we post a negative quantity of the completed pump to balance the numbers.
    Unfortunately, now that I need to close jobs for the end of January next…

  • ACH file in payroll only shows last name in uploaded file

    Some of our employees use cash cards, Global Cash Card to be specific. The information is being returned to our bank as a mismatched name. They are wanting me to update the file with a full name. Somewhere in the upload only the last name is being transmitted…

  • Payroll Deduction not showing up on reports

    So we had a fringe benefit that we needed to calculate on the last payroll of the year, which happens to be today's payroll day, and the entered the deduction according to the Sage Support pdf document titled How To Set Up and Process Fringe Benefits…

  • Ar Statements - display of items

    AR Statements - Forms modification question. Is there a way to only show AMOUNT DUE items (invoices, credits,deposits with an amount due) on a statement? The current form includes invoices already paid and a separate line for payments to the account …

  • automatic backup at end of day

    Can anyone direct me to how to perform an automatic end of day backup say to the C: drive or OneDrive?

    2018 version BW

  • SMTP Service Fails with BusinessWorks 2018


    I just installed a clean copy of BW2018 + SP 2 on a Windows 2008 Server which was used for email and IBM Lotus Domino servers.  For some reason, BW2018 seems to be interfering with the SMTP service.  Our email server stopped working.  I uninstalled…

  • Correcting and Reprinting W-2 Form


    I have printed the employee and employer copies of the W-2 forms but have not efiled yet.  I have to correct the spelling of an employee's name.  I was able to reprint the employee's copy using Existing Form and editing the name.  However, when…

  • 2018 Federal payroll tax update for Businessworks

    I installed 2018 Businessworks SP1, but the federal payroll allowances and rates did not change.  Will there be another service pack to install soon



  • Sales Tax Report: Invoice Return (credit memo) amounts showing in taxable column are higher than amount of credit.

    Please see below Sales Tax Report. What are some possible reasons that the amount showing in the Taxable column would be HIGHER than the amount of the actual credit. We process all credit memos using the return invoice feature of the Order Entry module…

  • BusinessWorks 2018 on Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

    What is the compatibility/support of BusinessWorks 2018 on Windows 10 Pro for Workstations?