Michigan Unemployment taxable wage base


In SP 13 the taxable wage base for Michigan unemployment tax is set at $9,000. However information provided to me from Michigan unemployment says the taxable wage base for 2023 is $9,500. Was wondering why the deference? In 2022 I was notified by Michigan unemployment that the taxable wage based used in the calculation was short by $500. I was not aware of this at that time and thus why I checked BW after the SP 13 install. I see the $500 deference still exists. I have manually changed the wage taxable wage base for 2023 so the error does not repeat.

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    Unfortunately, Michigan updates were not part of the early Tax Tax Update information provided in SP 13.  Any tax update not provided in the service pack, can be updated manually.

    To manually update new SDI or SUI limits:

    1. PR, Taxes, Maintain Tax Tables
    2. Select your State for SDI or SUI limits or US for OASDI limits
    3. Click Allowances, Limits and Rates...
    4. Click in the State tax ID # field to activate the rate
    5. Enter the limit
    6. Click OK
    7. Click Save 

    For full instructions on updating the limits, please refer to Knowledge Base article and link  - How can I change my SDI, OASDI or SUI limits?   https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?externalID=28471 



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    Thank you for your response. 
    Wow!  I did not realize that not all states are updated for tax information for payroll processing. That's very disappointing to know the software is not complete in regards to payroll processing. Especially since it cost over $1,000 a year for these updates. Can you provide a list of all the states that BW does not update their tax information for accurate processing? I don't understand why Sage offers a product to process payroll that is not updated or accurate.
    Does this also meant that the income tax withholding calculations for MI could also not be accurate?