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On 9/15 I had an issue with payroll posting twice. It did this on its own. Our apps run through a cloud network service company.  Because of some other issues we were having I ask them about what happen on 9/15.  They did say that if for some reason I had a disconnection or interruption at the time I "posted direct deposit"  that may have created the second one.  Not sure which posting is actually the one that is the payroll or even if it matters so I did a journal entry to revise the posting.  I know that journal entries do not come through to the bank statement, so now I am trying to reconcile the September bank. Of course there are 2 payroll posting showing up, so whether I click on it or not it is out of balance by that amount on one side or the other. 

My question, if I void the posting that shows up under the Void Bank Transaction (which there is only 1 direct deposit transaction # showing) will that mess up something else.  Or should I just let it show as out of balance and let it clear itself out over the next couple of months.  Also, we pay by direct deposit, so when I create the direct deposit it goes into a holding account and the " post direct deposit" step clears it out.  If I void the one showing will it affect the actual direct deposit pay checks that show up. In other words are they connected and will it void the checks ( per say) as well?

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    So first I would make a backup of the data.  Then nothing you do can be an issue as you can restore if necessary.  Next - the reason you only see 1 charge in the VOID is because you have 1 cleared in the Bank Rec.  What is the Balance in the Direct Deposit Clearing account?  It should be ZERO but if it posted twice then it will be the value of the NET CHECKS for this payroll.  I would unclear the transaction in the bank rec and then do a rebuild of the AP module and see if it is possibly a linking issue.  If that doesn't work - Void the 2nd transaction and see what happens in the GL - the Direct Deposit Clearing account.  Also - when you say the Bank Rec is "out of balance" on one or the other side - Does it go into balance on the right side and what do you do to get that result?

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    It’s hard to know what may have occurred with your posting.  If you do have concerns, then I would recommend using Live Chat and work directly with a support analyst for additional troubleshooting.

    However, here are my thoughts…it is possible to duplicate a Direct Deposit Posting by posting it twice.  Do both transactions show as a Charge with the same Reference #? 

    If it was just a duplicate posting and you are seeing 2 Charges that would show as “DD Trans” in your bank rec, then you should be able to just void one of the entries.  (Note:  If an entry has been marked as cleared in the bank rec, it will NOT be listed as an item to be voided.)

    To void the entry, refer to article: Void a direct deposit posting  

    If you are able to void the entry, then you would also want to reverse the journal entry you performed to try and correct this.

    If you are unable to void the entry and since you already did a journal entry to ‘reverse’ the duplicate Direct Deposit posting, then that would change the GL balances but the original posting of the Direct deposit would still display in the Bank Rec – meaning you would see 2 Charges that would show as DD Trans.  Then you would need to go to CM, Transactions, Enter Bank Transactions and post a Deposit for the same date and amount BUT deselect post to GL (since you already did the journal entry).

    Otherwise, if you have any other questions or concerns on your transaction, then I would recommend working directly with a support analyst for additional troubleshooting by going to Help, Live Chat from within BusinessWorks.