Correct Pay Rates


I need to generate a report that lists all my employees, all their hours worked, vacation hours, sick hours, vacation hours, etc. with the correct pay rate connected to each entry of hours.  This is to cover an entire year so I'm not excited about having to manually put the information together with over 400 employees.  I tried to custom build a report but I still get the exact same pay rate for every employee.  Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice you have to offer.

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    Most of the information you are asking for can be found on the Employee Hours List, in PR, Reports, Employee, Reports, Employee Lists. Select the to find the Employee Hours List. For further information see Knowledge Base article #26646 “How to get a list or report of total hours worked by employee” However, this report does not give you the employee rate.

    You are going to be limited on which reports and data source tables offer the pay rate performed on the check. You can review Knowledge Base article #100145 “How to show a report of historical pay rates for an employee”. This article gives suggestions for a custom export using the PR Check Time Card Data Source to get the rate using the “EffectivePayRate” field. This will give you a line item for each rate used on a time card.