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All you need to know for month end closes

The first and most important tip we can offer you about month end closes is to backup, backup and backup!

Would you drive around uninsured? Back ups are your insurance to protect your company data.

Are you prompted to back up in Sage?  Don't skip this option, make the back up before performing the task even if you have a server or IT backing up.

When should you back up? Nightly, before a close, before a rebuild, before an import of data or any time you are concerned you might lose power, or anytime you would like!

Can you make too many backups? No, it is better to be safe than sorry.

How do you create a backup? 

  • To access the backup select File, Backup.
    1. Before beginning, verify that all other users have exited Sage BusinessWorks. From the Launcher menu, select File, Network Status. You should see only yourself listed. Close the Network Status window.
    2. From the Launcher menu, select File, Backup to open the Database Backup Wizard.
    3. In the first window of the wizard, read the information displayed and click Next.
    4. In the Select Company window, select the company ID or the System icon and click Next. In the Select Backup File Name window, select the drive and folder for this backup. Change the file name if desired and click Next.
    5. In the Begin Backup window, review the choices to be sure they are correct and click Start to begin the backup process.
  • Be sure that you are backing up your company database nightly and before closing each month. To ensure that you can recover your data in the event of a server/computer failure, power outage, theft or disaster it is critical that backups be made daily. 

Receive an error during the close?  Restore your backup from prior to beginning the close and contact support with your error message. If anything happens during the month end close the first thing you should do is make note of the issue/error and then restore your backup.  Once the backup has been restored contact support and we will assist you from there.

  1. From the Sage BusinessWorks Launcher, click File, Restore
  2. Review the information, and click Next
  3. In the Select Restore File window, browse to your backup file for company or system data files
  4. Select the file, and click Next
  5. In the Begin Restore window, review your choices before clicking Start
    Note: If you are restoring company information and do not wish to overwrite your existing company information, click the Restore to New Company ID check box, and enter a new company ID

Unsure if you had an issue during the close? Check the audit report to ensure each module had a start and an end.

  1. Check the Audit report under Utilities, Audit Report
    • Make sure that for every module there is a Start and an End as seen below
      • For a successful close you would see:
        MANAGER      05/15/2017     PR EOM Close (End):
                                        3:10 PM     April 2017                            Menu Close
        MANAGER      05/15/2017     PR EOM Close (Start):
                                       3:10 PM     April 2017                             Menu Close
    • If you ever see a start without an end you have what is known as a failed close
      • For a failed close where you started the close and it never finished you would see:
        MANAGER      05/15/2017     PR EOM Close (Start):
                                       3:10 PM     April 2017                             Menu Close
      • Or for a filed close where the close was started twice you would see:
        MANAGER      05/15/2017     PR EOM Close (End):
                                        3:10 PM     April 2017                            Menu Close
        MANAGER      05/15/2017     PR EOM Close (Start):
                                       3:10 PM     April 2017                             Menu Close
        MANAGER      05/15/2017     PR EOM Close (Start):
                                       3:08 PM     April 2017                             Menu Close
  2. If you have determined that you have a failed close the first thing you should do is restore the backup that was made prior to starting the close
    • Select File, Restore
    • Click Next Browse to the file you want to restore and select the file
    • Click Next
    • On the Begin Restore screen check the "Restore to New Company ID" box and enter new Company ID
  3. Once the backup is restored perform the close again
    • If you received a network disconnect during the original close we recommend performing the close directly at the server
    • If you receive an error the second time going through the close, restore the backup and immediately contact support by selecting the Live Chat option in the program or going to Chat, Sage Live Chat.