When is the last time you backed up your Sage BusinessWorks software?

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When is the last time you backed up your Sage BusinessWorks software? Are you prepared if you have a computer crash? Are you going to lose everything? Do you have a plan?

Sage BusinessWorks has a backup utility built into the program that ensures that all Sage BusinessWorks files have been appropriately closed prior to making your nightly backup.

  • To access the backup select File, Backup.
    1. Before beginning, verify that all other users have exited Sage BusinessWorks. From the Launcher menu, select File, Network Status. You should see only yourself listed. Close the Network Status window.
    2. From the Launcher menu, select File, Backup to open the Database Backup Wizard.
    3. In the first window of the wizard, read the information displayed and click Next.
    4. In the Select Company window, select the company ID or the System icon and click Next. In the Select Backup File Name window, select the drive and folder for this backup. Change the file name if desired and click Next.
    5. In the Begin Backup window, review the choices to be sure they are correct and click Start to begin the backup process.
  • Be sure that you are backing up your company database nightly and before closing each month. To ensure that you can recover your data in the event of a server/computer failure, power outage, theft or disaster it is critical that backups be made daily. 
  • The SYSTEM backup can be made monthly as this contains your custom forms, registration information and users and doesn’t change as frequently as your company database.

It is recommended you complete a weekly backup and take it offsite and keep it in a secure location just in case there is ever an emergency it will be available to you. This can be put on a USB drive, an external hard drive or uploaded to a cloud storage center. This should include the company backup as well as a backup of the SYSTEM company.

It is also critical that  you make a backup from within Sage BusinessWorks before every month end close.

If you are unfamiliar with how to backup please view our video tutorial here.