Unable to connect to System Manager Database, BTRVLoginError(7025) or connection attempt timed out after installing Windows Updates

A recent Windows update seems to be restarting the Windows Firewall if it had previously been turned off.  If after installing a Windows update your client workstations receive one of the following errors after installing a Windows update you will need to set exceptions in your Windows Firewall to prevent the issue. The errors you may see include: 

  • Unable to connect to System Manager Database
  • BTRVLoginError(7025)
  • Unable to connect to the System Manager database. [Pervasive] [ODBC] [Client interface] [client LNA] connection attempt timed out. The SQL connection manager may be inactive or using a different transport protocol from the server

If you receive one of these errors.  Open up ports 1583 and 3351 in the Windows Firewall at the server. These ports need to be opened for both incoming and outgoing connections. For instructions see How to open ports in the Windows Firewall. If running a firewall other than the Windows Firewall work with your System Administrator or IT support to configure the firewall to allow both incoming and outgoing connections to port 1583 and 3351.