Trying to close the month and it is saying there is a user in the program? Check out some tips for disconnecting users

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There are times where a user may get stuck or stranded in the program. Check the Network Status Report (File, Network Status Report from the Launcher Menu) and ensure you are the only user displaying.  If this report shows users who are not logged in or tasks that are not running, the user or task may have become "stranded."  If this happens to you please keep in mind the simple steps below to disconnect users. 

IMPORTANT:  Have all users exit Sage BusinessWorks including yourself. Also, make sure no other applications are using Pervasive when disconnecting all users.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Sage BusinessWorks, and click DBRegister.      
  2. In DBRegisterSelect the BWSystem1400 database so that it is highlighted.
  3. Click the Users 
  4. Click the Disconnect all Users (even if the screen is showing no users connected)
    A warning message displays that you are about to disconnect all users, click OK. The Sage BusinessWorks users and  tasks have been reset. Click OK, and click Close to exit DBRegister.
  5. Open Sage BusinessWorks to verify that the stranded user or task is cleared.
    Note: If the error "Unable to open smcompanies or smusers"  occurs, Sage BusinessWorks may have been running on the network at the time of the reset. If the message displays on one computer, reboot that computer.  If it happens on more than one computer stop and restart the Pervasive engine on the server. If the problem persists, restart the server; all users should now be able to open Sage BusinessWorks.

If users are using the program remotely please ensure that they are logging out of Sage BusinessWorks using File, Exit or by clicking on the X prior to disconnecting their remote session.  If the program is not closed out this will leave a stranded user.