Sage BusinessWorks SP7 is now available

Sage BusinessWorks Version 2021 service pack 7 is now available for download at  Logon is required to download the product. 

 Important items to note:

  • The service pack is only to be installed on top of an existing Sage BusinessWorks 2021 install
  • The service pack must be installed at the server  and on each computer that uses Sage BusinessWorks
  • All users have to be logged out of Sage BusinessWorks prior to installing the service pack
    • If you receive a message stating a user is in the program when in fact all users are out please follow the steps in KnowledgeBase article  17294
  • IMPORTANT - Download and install Sage BusinessWorks 2021 SP7 prior to making backup or archive company at the end of 2021. 

 Please download the latest service pack from our Support site

  1. Visit
  2. Click Login (Sign-in) in the top right-hand corner
  3. Enter your Logon and password (If you are not already registered select “Sign Up for an Account”)
  4. Select Sage BusinessWorks under My Products if it is not already selected
  5. Under Support Resources select Sage BusinessWorks downloads and updates link
  6. Select Sage BusinessWorks Service Packs and Product Updates
  7. Select service pack 7 for Sage BusinessWorks 2021
  8. When on the download page click the download link and if prompted choose to Save the file (this is normally at the bottom of the screen) select to save the file to your Desktop
  9. If a location is not selected the download usually defaults to C:\User\{UserID}\Downloads
  10. In Related Resources, review the Release Notes regarding the service pack
  11. When the download is complete ensure that everyone is out of Sage BusinessWorks and double click the Service Pack from your saved location

Fixes included in service pack :

  • Article 110290 - Error: "EFT #.......ALREADY VOIDED.  The selected EFT has already been voided"
  • Article 110949 - Error: “INVALID VOID DATE. The selected void date is before the payment date. Select a void date on or after the payment date.” When voiding vendor credit card payment
  • Article 110948 - Error: "REF# xxxxxx  ALREADY VOIDED. the selected Ref# has already been voided." voiding vendor credit card payment.
  • Article 110874 - Error "CHECK #nnnn ALREADY VOIDED. The selected check has already been voided. Select a check that has not been voided"
  • Article 111609 - Error:  "Invalid Floating Point Operation" or "Invalid Transaction Number" when entering text in various modules
  • Article 80372 - “Error opening company.asd” when accessing Enhanced Tax Reporting after restoring backup to new ID or copying company
  • Article 113007 - The phone number field only accepts 6 digits when trying to filter by phone number on any report that allows filtering by phone number
  • Article 109947- “INVALID CHECK #. A valid check # must be from 1 to 999999.” when posting customer payments