Running W-2s and receiving an inconsistent totals message?

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You may be receiving the error "INCONSISTENT TOTALS. The check totals for one or more employees do not match..." if  you are processing your payroll tax forms for last year (2022) and your payroll module is in the current year (2023). If you have run 2023 payroll, the totals in Maintain Employees (2023 totals) will not match the totals of the check detail (2022 totals). If this is the case, the message can be ignored and you may continue processing your tax forms.

Another common cause of this error is if you installed the 2023 tax tables and the tax forms are being processed for 2022. If this is the case, the message can be ignored.

The last possible cause would be if you entered payroll setup mode to edit employee totals at any time during the 2022 payroll year.  If you edit totals in setup mode they will not match the check detail and you will receive this message.  If this is the case you will need to edit the totals manually within Enhanced Tax Reporting.