Researching a transaction and want to determine when and where a transaction was posted

Less than one minute read time.

There is report in Sage BusinessWorks that gives the System Date as well as the Posting Date. The System Date is the computer date.

  1. Go to GL, Reports, Journal Report
  2. For Report, select Journal Report
  3. For Include what entries, select Specific posting date range (Or Specific system date range) and enter the date range for the transactions you want to review.
  4. For Include voided entries, select Yes (*optional: can select Yes or No)
  5. For Include system date, select Yes (*IMPORTANT: You must select Yes)
  6. For Journal, select All (*optional: can select Only, and select specific Journal type)

The first date is the Posting date for the transaction and the second date is the System date, i.e. current system date which is taken from the Date/Time Properties defined in Windows.