Quarter 2 941 printing watermark that states "Records copy"

The message "This form is eFile only until the IRS releases the Final version.  Once released the Records Copy banner will be removed.  Check back for updates." will display when trying to print the Q2 941 form. 

At this time the form is eFile only as the final form has not yet been released by Aatrix.  If you would like to file the form now you can choose to eFile the form (fees apply) or wait until the final form is released.

At this time we do not have an exact release date for the form. We will post an update on Sage City when the final form has been released by Aatrix.

To check for a forms update:

  1. Select the 941 form
  2. Click OK to continue processing the tax form
  3. If a mandatory update is available you will receive a message with three options Automatic, Manual or Continue Expired
  4. Select Automatic
  5. Click Next to accept the Automatic Update
  6. Once that is complete access the 941 and see if the message has been removed