Errors after rebooting server

We often receive calls from customers who receive connection errors after rebooting their server and are unsure of how to resolve them.  There are many possible connection errors (listed below) but they all can have the same cause, a blocked port in the Windows Firewall. 

  • Pervasive SQL Server (ServerName) login has failed
  • Btrieve status 3103 or 7025
  • The ODBC Client Interface cannot access the data source because SQL Connection Manager is not running at the specified port number
  • Unable to connect with the System Manager Database...Server not found...
  • Unable to connect to the System Manager database. [Pervasive] [ODBC] [Client interface] [client LNA] connection attempt timed out. The SQL connection manager may be inactive or using a different transport protocol from the server

If you receive any of the errors above after rebooting the server follow the steps below to open ports 3351 and 1583 in your Windows Firewall.

  1. Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall
  2. Advanced Settings
  3. Select Inbound Rules
  4. Click New Rule
  5. Click Port, and Next
  6. Select TCP
  7. Enter the following numbers: 3351, 1583
  8. Allow the connection, Next
  9. Type a Name for the port rules, and a description if desired, Finish 
  10. Select Outbound Rules
  11. Repeat steps 4-9 above.

Note: If you do not have permission to make the changes, please refer to your IT Administrator.

Please see article 83169 for further information