Error message "status 3" after disconnecting a stranded user

A Btrieve Status 3. File not open or Unable to open table error usually occurs if someone was in the program when users were disconnected or if another program such as an antivirus software or backup utility is holding a Sage file open.

To resolve:

  1. Reboot the effected workstation
  2. If that does not resolve follow the steps below
    • Have everyone exit Sage BusinessWorks
    • Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to open the Windows Task Manager
    • Click the 'Processes' tab, and end any processes named "TASKXXXX.exe" (without quotes where XXXX = a task number). Do not end the Taskmgr.exe
  3. Select Windows Start, Programs, Sage BusinessWorks, DBRegister
    • Click the 'Users' button
    • Select 'Disconnect All Users'
    • Exit DBRegister
    • Retry the option in Sage BusinessWorks that previously caused the error
  4. If the error persists reboot the server
  5. If the error continues, work with your IT to not have the antivirus/backup software scan or backup Sage BusinessWorks files during working hours.