Btrieve error 7025 after Windows update

1 minute read time.
  • If the error is a 7025 error ensure that ports 1583 and 3351 are open in the Firewall at the server. If running the Windows Firewall, see How to open ports in the Windows Firewall for further instructions
    • Note: It may be necessary to turn off Windows Firewall and/or Windows Defender to test for successful connection.
  • At the server Stop and Start the Pervasive Service see How to manually stop and restart Pervasive engines for further instructions.
  • Reboot the server and all workstations
  • If that does not resolve the issue, test to see if the workstation can ping the server by name
    • Attempt to ping the server from the workstation by clicking the Windows Start, Run type in CMD and hit Enter. Then type ping {servername}, where servername equals the name or address of the server. If the test fails there is a network communication problem. The IP Address that is returned from a successful ping test also has to match the actual ip address of the server.
    • At the server click the Windows Start, Run type in CMD and hit Enter and type ipconfig. Verify the results of the ipconfig match the ping results at the workstation. If these do not match work with your network administrator to investigate and resolve the issue.
    • The ip address of the server also needs to match the ip address showing in the bwserver.ini file which is found on the server in the ..\Sage\BWProg folder. If this address does not match the one returned in the ipconfig you will need to reinstall Sage BusinessWorks on the server as well as the most current service pack.