2022 year-end tips guide is now available

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The 2022 year-end tips guide is now available.

Items of importance:

  • 2022 Aatrix forms update will be released around December 20th - for more information see Enhanced Tax Reporting shows prior year forms
  • The Sage BusinessWorks 2023 tax table update will be released in late December, do not install the tax update until all 2022 payroll tax reporting forms are complete
  • 1099s can only be printed for the current open year.  Be sure to process your 2022 1099s prior to closing the AP year for 2022
  • Get a jump start on your 2022 payroll year end by printing and confirming your W-2 figures now.  You can always reprint the W-2s again after the last payroll of 2022.
2022 Year End Tips.pdf