2022 W-2 and 1099 forms are now available through the Enhanced Tax Reporting update

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The 2022 forms update is now available through Enhanced Tax Reporting (Aatrix).  To get the update

  1. Select any form showing a prior year date
  2. Click OK to continue processing the tax form
  3. If a mandatory update is available you will receive a message with three options Automatic, Manual or Continue Expired
  4. Select Automatic 
  5. Click Next to accept the Automatic Update 
  6. Once that is complete exit the form and restart Enhanced Tax Reporting to see new form

Important note for 1099 processing:

  • If you are using the 1099-MISC and use Excess golden parachute payments or Nonqualified deferred compensation we will be releasing a service pack shortly that will allow you to select the new boxes 14 and 15. 
  • Once the service pack is installed and prior to printing your 2022 1099-MISC run the 1099 Worksheet (AP, Vendors, 1099 Worksheet) and if any vendor has a value in box 13 or 14 you must update to the correct 2022 designation under AP, Vendors, Maintain Vendors.