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I would like to Email Pay Stubs for Direct Deposits

I would like to email employees their payroll paystubs in a PDF when I run payroll and make a direct deposit. There is no need to print these out as employees usually don't pickup or throw away. It would be nice to just email to them and save the paper. I don't mind running another merge but think this should be an option in this paperless society.
  • When SAGE be able to email the payroll stubs. On Purchases we can send an email to vendor directly on transaction. On Sales we can send an email to vendor directly on Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices.  Why we can't send the payroll stub to the employee?

  • I do payroll from a remote location and really need the capability of emailing the direct deposit paystubs to the employees.   We also have problems with employees leaving their paystubs laying around.   We have had problems with other employees getting their hands on them and this causes many problems.   I also mask the social security numbers on the paystub so I don't think that is a problem.   Please consider including this feature in the near future.  I will have to reconsider using Sage and go with a product that offers that option if you can't.  

  • This would be great!! Save a lot of time.  

  • Dont make it mandatory just if they want a copy.  Even if it just said "your direct deposit has been Made"  or Your direct deposit in the amount of $xxxxxx has been made"  My guys don't even want their pay stubs so they lay all over the place and then people can see them.  I think email to their account has got to be more secure.  Or even personal text message.

  • My paystubs are formatted with Masked SSNs so that is not ever divulged.  My employees would very much appreciate this.