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Make Item ID field expandable on Sales Invoice-apply to SO

When you are billing a SO in the Sales Invoicing Window, the Item ID field is grayed out since it's showing items from the SO being billed. The column is narrow, cuts off part of the ID, and does not widen when the window is enlarged. Make the item ID column widen and contract when the window is enlarged or maximized. Or allow the user to set the column widths independently like Excel. This is a problem for users with large inventories and item codes with designators at the end of the ID - eg codes for size, color, etc.
  • It is very disappointing to see that this concern was addressed, but never solved.  I was just talking with a representative this morning about this exact issue.  It's nice to see that the money that we spend for this program is going to good use.  I would think that this issue would be something that would have been fixed by now.  When user and addressing our issues it would be nice to know that something can be done to assist us.  It is very frustrating to be limited to a certain amount of space.  I am hoping that this is something that could be taken seriously and hopefully fixed.

  • This idea has been in these forums for years, in many different posts.  Come on Sage, the only reason this isn't at the top of the list is that people keep making a new post saying the same thing, and not up-voting a single post.  Please get this fixed.

  • "This is a huge issue for me -- please Sage, fix this."

  • I agree. I always end up doing a print preview just to see what the part number is. It is a waste of time. The column should be visible to the length of the characters available for a part number. I have often thought that it needed to be able to move like excel.  

  • I agree. Would also like to see a little longer window for the JobID on Pur/Rec, SO and Invoices.  We use job# and phases so cannot see the phase portion selected unless we click on it to see full jobID/phase.