• Why is there not a form for 1099 MISC or NEC Instructions?

    Now that we have to use Aatrix to print our 1099's we only have the option of printing to blank paper without the instructions.  No way to get around this.  So we either have to send to our recipients without the instructions or print a 12 page form…

  • Expenses accounts showing begining balance as of 1/1/2021


    Closed our accouting period as on 31dec21, but just noticed, few of the expenses accounts are zero and few are showing the begining balance as of 1jan21.

    I dont know why, maybe we did somethng wrong while doing yeat end wizard? We have 9 years…

  • Bank Rec out of balance after Year end purge

    Good morning,

    Last weekend we ran the purge wizard to archive 20 years of data.

    It seems that we did not instruct the purge wizard to leave the unreconciled bank transactions.

    Now the bank recs from the purge date forward are out of balance by those amounts…

  • System is freezing up when I try to close 2018

    System is freezing up when I try to close 2018.  It's been running for hours and only moves 1 percentage point per 40 minutes.

  • accounting period messed up

    After running year end process to close 2017 calendar year, our accounting period 13 became the whole year 2019 and then 2020 month by month all the way to period 24 is Nov. 2020, and the accounting lady didn't find out this mistake and continue entering…

  • Year-end question? Sage Live Tutor Available Monday-Friday January 2 – 31, 2019 for Sage 50—U.S. Edition

    Got a year-end question? Instead of calling in and waiting on hold, get live help through Sage Live Tutor—an online “meeting room” with customer questions answered live by a Sage expert.  

    “Sage Live Tutor” will be available every business…

  • 2017 P&L Numbers are Incorrect After Running End of Year for 2018

    Hi Everyone,

    We ran End of Year on 12/31 and the process froze and broke something so we restored the backup that we took before we ran the wizard. The strange thing is that some of our 2017 numbers are off and I can't see how it correlates. Last years…

  • How much trouble am I in?

    I am the new CFO for a not-for-profit organization in NYC.  I have very limited knowledge of Sage but I can tell you this much.  We use Sage 50 for not-for-profits.  My predecessor left about a month ago and did not close out the year properly.  That much…

  • Cannot open Sage - I did not run Year End Wizard / close year AND I clicked on last open period in Change period window

    Did I lock down the data set?  Was trying to trigger launch of End of Year Wizard, it did not launch and I closed program because each time I open program it would prompt to run End of Year Wizard.

    This is only site I use Peachtree at - all other sites…

  • RE: End of year work around?

    Hi milleruspp,

         The workaround you are considering is something you can do to accomplish the desired results.  Although, I must let you know in advance:

    1. There will be no period 25 when you close the first 12 periods in Company B, as Sage only allows you…
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    • Incorrect withholding amounts
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    Need training on Payroll Reporting and Signature-Ready Tax Forms. Sage University has you covered.

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  • Closing Your Fiscal and Payroll Years

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  • Fiscal Year End Issue.

    Hi All,

     We are doing Fiscal Year end operation, when run the FIYEND we are facing a critical problem is like "Unbalanced Journal In ledger currency". we are unable to close the fiscal year. 

    can you help me out from this issue.. its very ar…

  • Error with year end wizard

    I have one revenue account that is not closing out.  I don't know what to do about it.  I've reopened the year, checked to be sure it is classified as a revenue and closed it and it's still there.  I reopened the year, journalized a year end…

  • W-2 - email address not pre-populating

    When I created my W2s originally, I got to a screen to allow me to email the instructions to my employees for accessing their W2s online.  When I got to that screen, the emails were populated and I noticed several wrong email addresses.  So, I exited out…

  • Reconcile year end errors

    I closed out 2011 but did not print out the page during the verification process that showed the discrepancies.  How do I get the log of these errors?

  • New Fiscal closing date for 2013

    Running Peach tree 2012.  We changed our Corporate status in 2013. Our current fiscal range is 6/1-5/31.  Our new range will be traditional 1/1-12/31. Can force the fiscal year to close as of dec 31 of 2013?   I started year end wizard, and it appears to…

  • Year End Wizard Not Working - Due to Back Up Error

    We are a FY 6/30 using Peachtree 2008. I am trying to open July 2013 and close FY12/13. When using Year End Wizard, I get to the back up step and when the back up is 99% complete I get the error message "Peachtree has stopped working" and the program…