• Bank Rec out of balance after Year end purge

    Good morning,

    Last weekend we ran the purge wizard to archive 20 years of data.

    It seems that we did not instruct the purge wizard to leave the unreconciled bank transactions.

    Now the bank recs from the purge date forward are out of balance by those amounts…

  • Fiscal Year End Issue.

    Hi All,

     We are doing Fiscal Year end operation, when run the FIYEND we are facing a critical problem is like "Unbalanced Journal In ledger currency". we are unable to close the fiscal year. 

    can you help me out from this issue.. its very ar…

  • Year End Wizard Not Working - Due to Back Up Error

    We are a FY 6/30 using Peachtree 2008. I am trying to open July 2013 and close FY12/13. When using Year End Wizard, I get to the back up step and when the back up is 99% complete I get the error message "Peachtree has stopped working" and the program…