Archiving during YE wizard issues

I am unable to finish the YE wizard. Every time I click the "archive" box, I get an error. Can anyone tell me the issues I will create if I finish the wizard without "archiving'? I've been in the que or on the phone for 2 days trying to get some help, but I have been given none. Has anyone completed the wizard without archiving? Please help! We really need to get January open, so we can proceed with business. Feeling very discouraged. [:'(]

  • Since it looks like you are using Sage 50 US, I am going to move this post to that Support Group so that other users of this software will see it and can offer you their thoughts and insight.

  • I hope you have this resolved by now but, if not, what is the error message that you get?

    You can try making an archive by going to the File menu and choose Archive Company. The archive is simply an unchangeable copy of your company. Before the archive feature was added, people would just make a backup, then restore it to a new company and add the year to the company name. If you backup without making an archive, the only difference in the end will be that you won't have that copy of your data. You'll still be able to run most reports from your regular company even for closed years as long as you haven't purged the detail from those years.