• Is it possible to edit invoice in Sage 50 with SDK?

    I am working on integration with Sage 50 US and need to update an invoice.

    Is it possible?

  • Read Only message when attempting to SAVE a new PurchaseOrder or PurchaseInvoice

    I need to know if  the SDK will allow you to SAVE a PurchaseOrder or PurchaseInvoice

    So far no success.

    Getting error that the entity is READ-ONLY.

    Also, I do not see a "CREATE" method for purchase order lines or purchase invoice lines.

    I need…

  • Inventory Unit Activity Report value not correctly

    I use SDK to insert Inventory Adjustment data , the data in Invnetory Adjustment Journal report is correct , but data in Inventory Unit Activity Report is not correct .

    if using Support Utinities-integrity check , the data in Inventory Unit Activity Report…

  • About API does not provide inventory adjustment interface

    I want to get the specific record of inventory adjustment, but this is not provided in the API. Can I add an inventory adjustment API?

  • Error when using UNC Network path to connect via latest .NET SDK (2021.1)


    I have been experimenting with the latest version of the .NET SDK (2021.1).  My configuration uses UNC network paths and not mapped drives.  When I try to run any of the sample applications, I get the following error:

    Object must be a root directory…

  • Table for Recent activity Log

    Can anyone tell me is there any table where I can query recent activity (Insert, Update) in Sage 50 ?

  • 'Non-zero amount must be rounded to whole currency' Sage 50 SDK

    When trying to save a sales order using the Sage 50 SDK, I get the error:

    ``` 'Non-zero amount must be rounded to whole currency'...```

    I've been able to save them using something like `_.Amount = _.CalculateAmount(_.Quantity, _.UnitPrice);` which…

  • Does Windows Service Connecting to Sage 50 US Via SDK Count As A User

    Our client has a five user license installation. We noticed that our windows service shows up as a user in login manager. Does this mean that a we need a new license for the windows service connecting to Sage 50 via the SDK?

  • Could not load file or assembly Sage.Peachtree.Domain


    I have written a windows service that speaks to Sage 50. It runs on three computers. On only one computer, I see this in the logs:

    2020-07-09 11:01:27.277 -04:00 [DBG] Could not load file or assembly 'Sage.Peachtree.Domain, Version=2020.2.0.219,…

  • Do I Need A New Application ID For Each Installation?

    We have a developer license and application ID which we have used to create a connector that pulls data from an ERP into Sage 50. It runs as a windows service. It has worked well on all our development boxes. Yesterday, we tried to install the windows…


    Hi FormerMember,

    I am getting RPC_E_SERVERFAULT error while I am trying to exporting the data using COM API C# code. I am able to login into Sage using APIs,I can delete the transaction but the Specifically I can not do the export and getting this error…

  • Possibility to add / update items in Sage 50 via SDK


    Is there a possibility to add/update items in Sage 50 via SDK?

    I know there is an option to make use of COM API to do this. But, wondering, if this feature is available in latest Sage 50 SDK (Version 2020).


  • Getting tax percentage with SalesTaxCodeReference.

    I am currently trying to display the percentage of the sales tax on an invoice.
    I am able to get the SalesTaxCodeReference off of the invoice but I am unsure how/where to find the percentage.

    any help would be appreciated for this Sage novice.

  • Can not set custom Sales tax amount

    I'm syncing orders from the eCommerce store to Sage 50 US using .net SDK.

    The sales tax amount is calculated based on different sales tax percentage. I can not configure each time in sage 50 as I make changes in tax percentage in the eCommerce store…

  • Initializing APP.m_company

    Could someone provide an example or explain how to initialize APP.m_company and the other components of that class?

    I am trying to run the sample app with the correct version of the SAGE software but it does not see an open company (APP.m_company is blank…

  • Accounting Period

    I've found how to get a list of the Accounting Periods through the SDK (Using .net API). Is there a place to find the current period so I'm not entering or updating records from an accounting period?

  • Receipt for Sales Invoice gets added as Other Applied Credit instead of Amount Paid at Sale

    I'm using the C# .NET Sage 50 2019.1 SDK. I am creating a Sales Invoice and after saving I want to attach a Receipt and record it as Amount Paid at Sales. Every time I do this Sage 50 shows the Receipt as an Other Applied Credit. Is this possible?…

  • Vendor Names Changed On Save Without Any Reason

    This issue may or not be related to the Vendor.IsModified always being true (https://www.sagecity.com/support_communities/sage50_accounting_us/f/sage-50-u-s-software-development-kit-sdk/132513/vendor-ismodified-is-always-true).  I'm posting it separately…

  • Vendor.IsModified is Always True?

    I'm trying to troubleshoot some problems I'm having, so I wrote a very simple .NET Framework v4.7.2 C# console application to narrow down where the problem is.  One issue I've found is immediately after loading any Vendor record, IsModified is always…

  • Customer.Contacts and Vendor.Contacts in the UI

    Hi.  I have a simple question that seems like it should be obvious but is actually baffling.  In the .NET API, you can access the "Contacts" property on both the Customer object and the Vendor object.  There are contacts like BillToContact and…

  • Job Phases and Cost Codes


    I can't seem to find how to set the phase and cost code for a PurchaseOrderLine object with the SDK. I can set the JobReference just fine but I need to be able to set the phase and cost code as well. Am I missing something or is it not possible…

  • Connecting to external server takes very long


    I've created an application for Sage 50 using the SDK and I'm having a bit of an issue connecting to our company on a server. If I start a Peachtree session with a local company I created on my machine it works great but when I start a session…

  • .NET Core Compatibility with Sage 50 US SDK/API

    Hi.  Is the Sage 50 US .NET SDK/API compatible with .NET Core 2.2?  If not, what's the ETA now that Microsoft has announced that .NET Core will replace .NET Framework?

    If yes, it is compatible, then I'm having a problem I really need some help with…

  • Error installing console app

    I have created a windows service in a console application using TopShelf library. If i run the app directly it works but i when I try to install it I get an error of 

    Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: Specified directory could not be

  • ValidationException when building CustomerCreditMemo - Sage 50 SDK .NET

    Greetings all,

    We use the .NET SDK for Sage 50 to integrate our software with Sage 50.

    I've got a situation where we're trying to make a Credit Memo in our software to push over in to sage 50. During a relatively routine step, we are getting a Sage ValidationException…