• Updating Comments field in JrnHdr table - Sage50

    Hi, Understanding the standard ODBC connection does not allow Write permissions, however i would like to know if there is a possibility of setting/creating a user which would have the permissions to write to the JrnHdr table, specifically the Comments…

  • Read Only Error - General Journal

    I wrote an integration between a retail system and SAGE 50 using the SDK.  It was working fine a few weeks ago and now that I'm going back to add a few more things I am getting a READ-ONLY error message when attempting to post a general journal.


  • SAGE 50 SDK - Company Open Works on Server but not on Workstation

    I have written an application to post general journals to SAGE 50 using data from a point of sale application.  The program works fine on the server where the company files are located but when we moved the application to a workstation where the accounting…

  • I/O Error on API call after server migration

    Recently, we had a client's Sage 50 server migrated. A full backup of the company file was taken, moved to the new server, and then the backup restored overwriting the company directory on the new server. We are able to log into the Sage 50 company on…

  • Import Unit Cost for Inventory Adjustments with the COM API

    I'm trying to import the Unit Cost field among others for Inventory adjustments via the COM Interface. For some reason this one field likes to remain at 0.00 even when making a positive adjustment with a value greater than 0.00.

    Here is an example of…

  • 'Non-zero amount must be rounded to whole currency' Sage 50 SDK

    When trying to save a sales order using the Sage 50 SDK, I get the error:

    ``` 'Non-zero amount must be rounded to whole currency'...```

    I've been able to save them using something like `_.Amount = _.CalculateAmount(_.Quantity, _.UnitPrice);` which…

  • Does Windows Service Connecting to Sage 50 US Via SDK Count As A User

    Our client has a five user license installation. We noticed that our windows service shows up as a user in login manager. Does this mean that a we need a new license for the windows service connecting to Sage 50 via the SDK?

  • Do I Need A New Application ID For Each Installation?

    We have a developer license and application ID which we have used to create a connector that pulls data from an ERP into Sage 50. It runs as a windows service. It has worked well on all our development boxes. Yesterday, we tried to install the windows…

  • Use of REST with locally installed applications (sage 50 quantum)

    Hi, All wise and mighty sage pros!

    I am an integrations developer and have been for over 30 years.  Having worked with MANY api's I don't think my question will be so much a challenge but rather just details I don't yet know ;)

    I have had…

  • EntityReference for Account

    How do you convert or lookup the EntityReference for an account when you only have the account number (text) ?

    I can retrieve the Account List but cannot convert Account to EntityReference<Account>

    Thanks for your help.


  • SDK for Sage 50 US 2018.

    Hi Guys,  

    Understand the Sage 50 US 2018 is retired but is it possible for me to get the SDK for this version? 



  • .NET Core Compatibility with Sage 50 US SDK/API


    Is the Sage 50 US .NET SDK/COM API compatible with .NET Core 3.0?

  • Accounting Period

    I've found how to get a list of the Accounting Periods through the SDK (Using .net API). Is there a place to find the current period so I'm not entering or updating records from an accounting period?

  • Integration with Rails app 2019

    Hello and good day to all.

    I'm looking for a way to access SAGE 50 endpoints for purchase orders, invoice. inventory etc through our front-end system built in Rails. The ideal solution would be through an API which I couldn't find any suitable yet. The…

  • Customer.Contacts and Vendor.Contacts in the UI

    Hi.  I have a simple question that seems like it should be obvious but is actually baffling.  In the .NET API, you can access the "Contacts" property on both the Customer object and the Vendor object.  There are contacts like BillToContact and…

  • Getting PeachTree API exception - Entity is read-only

    The company account is accessible through the desktop Sage 50 US Edition just fine.     When we try to access through our app that uses Sage API to access it gives the following message.   ANyone knows what the issue is?

    WIndows 2012 Server R2

    Sage 50 US…

  • There was a problem opening company.: (inner exception: FileNotFound)

    var companyId = GetCompany();

    // Request authorization from Sage 50 for our third-party application.
    AuthorizationResult authorizationResult = Session.RequestAccess(companyId);

    This line Session.RequestAccess throws a PeachtreeException: FileNo…

  • Integration with Third-Party Applications

    We have temp-staffing company that uses an in-house-developed application and what to transfer hours and rates to our accounting system.  Presently, we are using Quickbooks that, in theory, allows the use XML files to transfer this data.  The problem is…

  • SDK seeking permissions every time


    We are trying to build up an application using the Sage SDK to create invoices in the Sage 50. In our testing , we found that the Sage SDK is prompting for the user to give permission every time (even if it is same company file that we gave permissions…

  • Duplicates Customer Id skip and Import to sage 50


    I am using sage 50 U.S Edition and Visual Studio 2013. I need to import sales order csv file to sage 50 if customer id is not available in sage 50 customer details that sales order customer id will be import to customer details ,if already exists…

  • How to overwrite the sales tax using sdk

    We want to be able to write the Sales tax of a document back to sage using a third party application. From the .net dll, we have understood that the sales tax can only be calculated but not written to. But we want to know if there is any way we can edit…

  • My COM User ID and Password do not work

    I'm trying to use the sample COM project CSSDK and am having trouble logging in, I'm trying to log in with the User ID and Password I was sent by sage support to access the COM interface but I get the "Access is denied." message. What am I doing wrong…

  • Vendor Defaults list availability from C# SDK

    Is there any possibility to access lists available on Vendors Defaults from SDK ?

    I just want to get Payment Methods - as I have seen even in example it was hard coded to Master Card and I haven't found any object which could give me acces to that. …

  • Notes


    Our company currently uses sage 50 us edition.  We need to have a field that is similar to the notes field that  under the customer contact screen that carries over to the sales entry screen.  I want the ability to type an  internal note that has…

  • Sample ODBC/SQL queries for getting Sales Order information, Customer Information, and inventory information?

    Can anyone offer any sample SQL scripts for getting information, such as Customer Information (given a customer ID), sales order information (given a sales order number or customer ID), and/or inventory information (given an Item ID) out of the database…