• Cannot Save a Custom Import Template

    I am not able to save a custom import template.  Getting a permission error.  What settings have to be enabled to allow me to save a new import template for Purchase Invoices?

  • Importing Purchase Invoices with a file

    Please provide the documentation for a file import of purchase invoices.

    Can this be done?

    The API throws an error and I need to provide an alternate method.



  • Inventory Unit Activity Report value not correctly

    I use SDK to insert Inventory Adjustment data , the data in Invnetory Adjustment Journal report is correct , but data in Inventory Unit Activity Report is not correct .

    if using Support Utinities-integrity check , the data in Inventory Unit Activity Report…

  • The company could not be opened because the file COMPANY.DAT is missing or damaged.

    I have a third party application that integrates with Sage 50. After a client has copied their sandbox company to a new file for their production company, I am no longer able to open the Sage 50 company and receive the following error:


    I have seen instructions…

  • Sage 50 business object interface


    Currently, I created a C# project for getting Purchase Order, Sales Order values in sage 100, and used PO_PurchaseOrder_bus, SO_SalesOrder_bus business object interface to get these values. 

    shall I use the same business object interface to get the…

  • .NET Core Compatibility with Sage 50 US SDK/API


    Is the Sage 50 US .NET SDK/COM API compatible with .NET Core 3.0?

  • Getting exception 'Non-zero amount must be rounded to whole currency' Sage 50 C# WPF?

    When I try to add an amount in AmountPaid field & if the amount = 55.23 then it throws an exception with stated text "Non-zero amount must be rounded to whole currency"

    I tried AmountPaid = Match.Ceiling(amount) which changes the 55.23 to…

  • is there any way to install sage 50 on ec2 windows instance via RDP?

    I am getting "Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode." Error, when I try to run "change user /install" from ADMIN command line, it says: "Install mode does not apply to Remote Desktop Session Host server configured for remote administration…

  • Sage 50 SDK installation on Windows 10

    Hi Expers:

    After my Sage 50 2018.2 SDK installation on Windows 10 I got problem when I tried to create a Login Object by COM:

    Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'PeachtreeAccounting.Login'.

    This operation…

  • Integration with Third-Party Applications

    We have temp-staffing company that uses an in-house-developed application and what to transfer hours and rates to our accounting system.  Presently, we are using Quickbooks that, in theory, allows the use XML files to transfer this data.  The problem is…

  • Importing and Exporting using .NET API

    Hello Everyone,

    I am having trouble figuring out how to import and export to and from Sage 50 Quantum using the US SDK. I have gone through several of the sample apps and I am just not seeing how things are transacting. I want to import CSV files in and…

  • How to overwrite the sales tax using sdk

    We want to be able to write the Sales tax of a document back to sage using a third party application. From the .net dll, we have understood that the sales tax can only be calculated but not written to. But we want to know if there is any way we can edit…

  • My COM User ID and Password do not work

    I'm trying to use the sample COM project CSSDK and am having trouble logging in, I'm trying to log in with the User ID and Password I was sent by sage support to access the COM interface but I get the "Access is denied." message. What am I doing wrong…

  • User Locked after unsuccessful attempts to login

    after unsuccessful attempts user is locked i can not login to sage 50 2013, i have just one user, i tried waiting long time and restarting computer etc someone please help?

  • Sample ODBC/SQL queries for getting Sales Order information, Customer Information, and inventory information?

    Can anyone offer any sample SQL scripts for getting information, such as Customer Information (given a customer ID), sales order information (given a sales order number or customer ID), and/or inventory information (given an Item ID) out of the database…