• COMUser and COMPassword

    Where can you reset the COM UserID and COM Password?

    What is the difference between the COM UserID and the Admin user?

    SDK documentation does not really explain what it is looking for in the call to GetApplication.


                    ptApp = (IApplication)ptLogin…

  • Read Only message when attempting to SAVE a new PurchaseOrder or PurchaseInvoice

    I need to know if  the SDK will allow you to SAVE a PurchaseOrder or PurchaseInvoice

    So far no success.

    Getting error that the entity is READ-ONLY.

    Also, I do not see a "CREATE" method for purchase order lines or purchase invoice lines.

    I need…

  • Sage 50 SDK (API 2023)

    Hello all,

    I'm attempting to get a basic C# application off the ground in order to import sales invoice data.  I have received an Application Id for the app, and have called my session begin and am successfully viewing the company data. 


  • Read Only Error - General Journal

    I wrote an integration between a retail system and SAGE 50 using the SDK.  It was working fine a few weeks ago and now that I'm going back to add a few more things I am getting a READ-ONLY error message when attempting to post a general journal.


  • After random days have to re-authorize application?

    We have an exe that is NOT getting updated, but after a random (1-5) amount of days, quits working and needs to be re-authorized.  

    First error is:

    Sage.Peachtree.API.Exceptions.SageDriveAccessException: This company needs to be opened with Sage 50 in order…

  • Integration With Sage 50 US . SDK .NET vs COM


    What are the options for integrating with the Non -Cloud , Desktop Version of Sage 50   ( US Edition ) ? 
    I was able to download the  Sage SDK which has  .NET and COM samples. 

    The .NET version  does not support a number of transactions/ entities. 
    The COM…

  • Use of REST with locally installed applications (sage 50 quantum)

    Hi, All wise and mighty sage pros!

    I am an integrations developer and have been for over 30 years.  Having worked with MANY api's I don't think my question will be so much a challenge but rather just details I don't yet know ;)

    I have had…

  • .NET Core Compatibility with Sage 50 US SDK/API


    Is the Sage 50 US .NET SDK/COM API compatible with .NET Core 3.0?

  • Initializing APP.m_company

    Could someone provide an example or explain how to initialize APP.m_company and the other components of that class?

    I am trying to run the sample app with the correct version of the SAGE software but it does not see an open company (APP.m_company is blank…

  • Accounting Period

    I've found how to get a list of the Accounting Periods through the SDK (Using .net API). Is there a place to find the current period so I'm not entering or updating records from an accounting period?

  • Posibility to create VendorCredit


    I'm working with .NET SDK and COM API for multiple operations - now I would like to create Vendor Credit memo but I haven't seen it in any example - is there possibility to create it over COM API ? 

  • inventory and customers in .net api

    When will inventory and customers be added to the.net api?  The com api is difficult to use.  Thanks.

  • How to find InventoryItem that has inventory changed only?


    Using the .NET SDK is there a way to search for products whose available inventory has recently changed by date?

    Thank you

  • DllNotFoundException

    Hi, I included the Sage.Peacgtree.API dll but I stll get this error:

    An exception of type 'System.DllNotFoundException' occurred in Sage.Peachtree.DataAccess.dll but was not handled in user code.

    Additional information: Unable to load DLL 'w3dbav90…

  • How to get assembly component list using .net api ?

    How do I get the component list for an Assembly item using the SDK ?

    I can get the list of Assembly items using the AssemblyItemFactory, but it does not have a Bill of Materials or Components collection for each item.

    The only way I've found so far is…

  • Looking for Peachtree 2012 SDK

    Where can I find the Peachtree 2012 SDK? I need to update some custom integration that a contractor built a few years ago. Thank you!

  • Getting A Vault GUID

    We are using Sage50 with Sage Exchange for CC Processing.  I assume Sage Exchange uses the Vault to store the CC#'s offsite.  As such I assume that the Vault GUID is stored back into Sage50 somewhere. Where would that be and can I get access to it?…

  • Sage 50 COM API GetApplication Open Sage50 Every Time.

    Hi All,

    We wrote an C# application to extract and load data to Sage 50 Application. We have used both .NET API and COM API (to support loading for Items. Every thing works fine except one problem. While Connecting the Sage 50 Company file with COM API…

  • Sage 50 2015 SDK Migration Issue

    I wrote a sales order entry program on the back of the 2014 SDK's .NET "BasicSDKApp". I recently switched over to use the 2015 Sage.Peachtree.API file (version 2015.2.0.196) and everything work as it did, however now when you save the sales…