• How to check if SalesInvoice is printed and get the Invoice No.

    Hello.  Is there a way using the SDK/API in .NET, to determine if a SalesInvoice has been printed and assigned an Invoice No.?  And where in the API can I find the Invoice No.?

    These seem like common questions, so I feel sure I must be overlooking something…

  • SAGE 50 SDK - Company Open Works on Server but not on Workstation

    I have written an application to post general journals to SAGE 50 using data from a point of sale application.  The program works fine on the server where the company files are located but when we moved the application to a workstation where the accounting…

  • Can you create and save a Purchase Invoice using the SAGE 50 2022 SDK?

    I'm getting a "read-only" error when attempting to save a Purchase Invoice in SAGE 50 using the 2022 SDK.  I need to to know if this is supported or if I might be missing something that is causing this error.

  • Sage50 integration

    Hi I’m in the process of getting software integrated with sage50 , however they have some questions: Connection to your Sage50 instance
    Is there a public API available (Sage50 cloud?) If yes:
    what are the specific connection details? XML? JSON? Authentication…

  • Setting shipping/mailing addresses in Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

    I feel like there's something I'm missing.

    I can successfully create a Sales Order and a Purchase Order with line items in Sage50 using the .NET API (not ODBC). The issue I'm having is that while the correct vendor/customer are set, the address…

  • Error when using UNC Network path to connect via latest .NET SDK (2021.1)


    I have been experimenting with the latest version of the .NET SDK (2021.1).  My configuration uses UNC network paths and not mapped drives.  When I try to run any of the sample applications, I get the following error:

    Object must be a root directory…

  • The entity is read-only

    I am currently developing an app with the .net sdk and am trying to input a sales invoice. All seems well until I call the .Save() method on my invoice. I get the error that the entity is read only. Based on a previous search through the forum, If I go…

  • The company could not be opened because the file COMPANY.DAT is missing or damaged.

    I have a third party application that integrates with Sage 50. After a client has copied their sandbox company to a new file for their production company, I am no longer able to open the Sage 50 company and receive the following error:


    I have seen instructions…

  • Application Id

    We are an ISV looking to provide integrations to a number of clients.  If we obtain a developer's license and application id, how does that work with customer installs?  Also, will a single application Id be valid for any Sage desktop applications?

  • Is there a way to receive qty on a Purchase Order?

    Is there a way to receive qty on a Purchase Order Line?  These are non inventory items.  Using .Net SDK or COM SDK.

  • Using SDK can I add Telephone 1 for a Vendor which comes under General Tab in Sage 50 US

    Using SDK can I add Telephone 1 for a Vendor which comes under General Tab in Sage 50 US. Please assist.

  • How can we support multiple versions of Sage50

    We are a POS system using the COM component to integrate to Sage50.  We have some stores that use Sage50 2020 (which is the version of our COM component) and this works fine.  We have some that just installed the Sage50 2021 version, and our integration…

  • COM based GetApplication not allowing login?

    We have a client that has used our COM API based interface application with Sage since 2011.  They have just upgraded to Sage 50 2021, we have recompiled our application against this PAWLegacy.dll to maintain binary compatibility, but at the Login.GetApplication…
  • Sage 50 SDK Com - GetApplication returns null

    I am using the SDK Com interface.  Below when I call the GetApplication with the com username and password I get back a null value.  Under Sage Partners in Sage 50 the setting is medium.


    Login _peachtreeLogin = _peachtreeLoginSelector.GetCurrentLoginObject…

  • Import Unit Cost for Inventory Adjustments with the COM API

    I'm trying to import the Unit Cost field among others for Inventory adjustments via the COM Interface. For some reason this one field likes to remain at 0.00 even when making a positive adjustment with a value greater than 0.00.

    Here is an example of…

  • 'Non-zero amount must be rounded to whole currency' Sage 50 SDK

    When trying to save a sales order using the Sage 50 SDK, I get the error:

    ``` 'Non-zero amount must be rounded to whole currency'...```

    I've been able to save them using something like `_.Amount = _.CalculateAmount(_.Quantity, _.UnitPrice);` which…

  • Does Windows Service Connecting to Sage 50 US Via SDK Count As A User

    Our client has a five user license installation. We noticed that our windows service shows up as a user in login manager. Does this mean that a we need a new license for the windows service connecting to Sage 50 via the SDK?

  • Could not load file or assembly Sage.Peachtree.Domain


    I have written a windows service that speaks to Sage 50. It runs on three computers. On only one computer, I see this in the logs:

    2020-07-09 11:01:27.277 -04:00 [DBG] Could not load file or assembly 'Sage.Peachtree.Domain, Version=2020.2.0.219,…

  • Do I Need A New Application ID For Each Installation?

    We have a developer license and application ID which we have used to create a connector that pulls data from an ERP into Sage 50. It runs as a windows service. It has worked well on all our development boxes. Yesterday, we tried to install the windows…

  • Actian GUID fields and Entity References


    I've written two programs that work together to generate real time reports out of Sage 50c.  One program uses the SDK to create, update and delete data in Sage while the other uses ODBC to make sure the report data stays up to date.  It's working…

  • Look Up Journal By Reference Number

    Is there a function to look up a General Journal Entry by the reference number?


  • EntityReference for Account

    How do you convert or lookup the EntityReference for an account when you only have the account number (text) ?

    I can retrieve the Account List but cannot convert Account to EntityReference<Account>

    Thanks for your help.


  • Peachtree 2010 SDK

    I could not get Peachtree 2010 SDK from sage officially. I read if there is someone on the board who has access to the file he/she can share it.

    So please share the SDK with me if you have access to it.


  • Why do certain SDK functions take longer complete?

    I am encountering an odd problem and could sure use some insight.

    I'm rewriting one of our older web applications in order to add more functionality.  I have a form to add, edit and delete sales orders.  Adding and deleting orders work great but I have…

  • In a server application would it be better to keep the Sage session and company open for a long time or to repeatedly open and close them for each transaction?

    I have a web application that allows users to enter sales and purchase orders and I am wondering what is the best practice.

    Repeatedly start a session, open the company, submit the order, close the company, end the session...

    Start a session at startup…