• Inventory Unit Activity Report value not correctly

    I use SDK to insert Inventory Adjustment data , the data in Invnetory Adjustment Journal report is correct , but data in Inventory Unit Activity Report is not correct .

    if using Support Utinities-integrity check , the data in Inventory Unit Activity Report…

  • How to find InventoryItem that has inventory changed only?


    Using the .NET SDK is there a way to search for products whose available inventory has recently changed by date?

    Thank you

  • QuantityAvailable method is very slow

    I'm using the .NET SDK locally. Calling the InventoryItem.QuantityAvailable() method is very slow. Is there a reason for the slowness and is there a faster way to obtain inventory numbers?

  • Sample ODBC/SQL queries for getting Sales Order information, Customer Information, and inventory information?

    Can anyone offer any sample SQL scripts for getting information, such as Customer Information (given a customer ID), sales order information (given a sales order number or customer ID), and/or inventory information (given an Item ID) out of the database…

  • Get U/M from an Inventory Item through the SDK

    Hi, I am new to Sage Peachtree SDK, and I am trying to develop a tool that export data from Peachtree to other system.

    I have a list of InventoryItem and I want to know where do we get the U/M value for a single InventoryItem. For example: 'Each', 'Hour…