• Marking Jobs as inactive


    I have several (over 1000) jobs that I have to mark as inactive soon and can't seem to find a way to do this using the SDK. Unfortunately this is not a feature built into Sage 50 at the moment and marking jobs as inactive one by one takes a long…

  • Integrating Objets100cLib (Sage dll) to third party c# application

    Hi ,

    Greetings of the day !!!

    I need help integrating Objets100cLib (Sage dll) to third party c# application , can any one help with this ? i want to access data like suppliers/articles etc.

    Thanks in advance

  • How can we support multiple versions of Sage50

    We are a POS system using the COM component to integrate to Sage50.  We have some stores that use Sage50 2020 (which is the version of our COM component) and this works fine.  We have some that just installed the Sage50 2021 version, and our integration…

  • Import Unit Cost for Inventory Adjustments with the COM API

    I'm trying to import the Unit Cost field among others for Inventory adjustments via the COM Interface. For some reason this one field likes to remain at 0.00 even when making a positive adjustment with a value greater than 0.00.

    Here is an example of…


    Hi FormerMember,

    I am getting RPC_E_SERVERFAULT error while I am trying to exporting the data using COM API C# code. I am able to login into Sage using APIs,I can delete the transaction but the Specifically I can not do the export and getting this error…

  • How to Create Sales Order with Freight by COM Interface VIA XML?

    Hi Experts,

    Does anyone have a sample, or suggestion on how I can add the Freight charge to a Sales Order imported into Sage from the COM interface via XML?



  • COM API - switch company without open UI

    Hi, there,

    I am trying to see if we can using COM API to switch company without open Sage UI. 

    The APIs we're looking are: OpenCompany and OpenCompanySecure

    Anything will help!


  • IProcserver 32 not found

    Hi ALL,

    I am working for a client, I am unable to connect with COM API on their machine. After a long investigation, I came to know there is an Iprocserver is not available on their Machine.

    Here is the reference image. if someone can help me.


  • inventory and customers in .net api

    When will inventory and customers be added to the.net api?  The com api is difficult to use.  Thanks.

  • An error occurred while importing! This happened for Field Name: EmpEE Fld5-Calc Name

    In the managedCOM I used BOEmployees.LoadAll to pull down an employee I had previously entered. With out editing anything, i saved it back into the COM using BOEmployee.SaveAll. I get this error off of importer.Import(): 


  • C# GetApplication returns null with Peachtree 2008

    I am creating an automated import of Purchase Invoices for a client who is using Peachtree 2008 Premier, and I've downloaded Sage 50 2016.0 SDK.

    I'm using the credentials that were provided when I downloaded the SDK and the function returns NULL. When…

  • Error Importing Employee List -- EmpEE Fld2-Calc Name

    I have a program that uses the COM SDK to import (Update) the Employee list with Hours and Payrate.  We converted from 2012 to 2015.  I updated the program to use the 2015.2 SDK.  But I get an error when trying to Import:

    EmpEE Fld2-Calc Name

    I don't even…

  • Error: The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)

    I developed a console program using COM to connect to Sage 50 and import several data files. I tested the program in two machines (a desktop: Windows 7 & 64bit / a terminal server=Windows 2012 & 64 bit), and it worked fine in both machines. Now I tested…

  • Sage 50 2014 COM

    I developed an windows application using VS 2005 in XP with COM, and it has been working fine, but when I try to develop the same functionality in an windows application using VS 2010 in Windows 7, COM reference "PeachTree Accounting 21.0 Type Library…

  • how can I find /get Received Qty of Purchase Order using COM SDK


    Using COM SDK , Is there a way to get/find received , remaining , ordered quantity of Purchase Order


  • Sage 50 could not be opened becausethe company data location .... could not be accessed


    I have a problem under Windows 8 and Sage 50(2013).

    When I made a connection to PT from SDK COM objects I had the following error:

    Sage 50 could not be opened becausethe company data location .... could not be accessed. If this path is correct and…

  • .Net Api or SDK


    A client need to create an automatic service to create a file with all the invoices in a time range.

    I tried the ODBC connection but can´t see any table with the invoices information.

    Is that possbile with the .net Api or the SDK? and where…

  • Payments - COM VS .NET API

    Hello everyone,

    I recently wrote a little home-brew application for my office that used the COM functions to interop with, what we had at the time, Peachtree 2008.

    We upgraded within the last month to Sage 50 2014 and I've begun to rewrite the same application…

  • SDK Enumeration question

    Can anyone tell me where I can set or get the enumerated variables? For example in the sample code, they are referencing the following:




    What does this equal if you are not using any of the sample programming languages…

  • Adding Freight to SO


    Does anyone have a sample, or suggestion on how I can add the Freight charge to a Sales Order imported into Sage from the COM interface via XML. I looked and looked and can get everything else imported but not that.