• SAGE 50 SDK - Company Open Works on Server but not on Workstation

    I have written an application to post general journals to SAGE 50 using data from a point of sale application.  The program works fine on the server where the company files are located but when we moved the application to a workstation where the accounting…

  • .NET 5, 6 Support

    Hello.  Do we know when it might be possible to interface a .NET 5+ project with Sage 50?  Any idea of ETA or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    It looks like .NET Framework 4.8 was release just over 3 years ago (April 2019).

    If you're reading this and…

  • Error when using UNC Network path to connect via latest .NET SDK (2021.1)


    I have been experimenting with the latest version of the .NET SDK (2021.1).  My configuration uses UNC network paths and not mapped drives.  When I try to run any of the sample applications, I get the following error:

    Object must be a root directory…

  • The entity is read-only

    I am currently developing an app with the .net sdk and am trying to input a sales invoice. All seems well until I call the .Save() method on my invoice. I get the error that the entity is read only. Based on a previous search through the forum, If I go…

  • VendorReceiptFactory filtering

    I would like to filter the List with a customer ID.  The VB code looks like this:

         Dim p As Sage.Peachtree.API.VendorReceiptList = Me.company.Factories.VendorReceiptFactory.List()
         Dim vendorFilter = PropertyFilterExpression.Equal(PropertyFilterExpression…

  • How to update customer details by his Id using sdk ?

    LoadbyName  is the only method I can find in SDK. Can anyone tell me how to get customer details by his Id and then update. ?

  • I/O Error on API call after server migration

    Recently, we had a client's Sage 50 server migrated. A full backup of the company file was taken, moved to the new server, and then the backup restored overwriting the company directory on the new server. We are able to log into the Sage 50 company on…

  • Why do certain SDK functions take longer complete?

    I am encountering an odd problem and could sure use some insight.

    I'm rewriting one of our older web applications in order to add more functionality.  I have a form to add, edit and delete sales orders.  Adding and deleting orders work great but I have…

  • Voiding Checks

    Hi.  I can't seem to find anything in the .NET SDK documentation about how to void a check.  Once a paper check has been entered as a Payment (assuming that is right), how do I programmatically void it?

    I was able to find out how to void in the UI and…

  • Error installing console app

    I have created a windows service in a console application using TopShelf library. If i run the app directly it works but i when I try to install it I get an error of 

    Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: Specified directory could not be

  • How we can add customer note to any sales order through sage 50 api

    I am searching for a way around that how we can add customer notes on any existing SO through sage Peachtree API.

  • Integrating with SAGE cloud


    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I did not find a better match. 

    I have a client currently using SAGE 50 2018 that is considering upgrading to SAGE cloud, and we need to know if there is a way to import invoices and export customer data from the…

  • There was a problem opening company.: (inner exception: FileNotFound)

    var companyId = GetCompany();

    // Request authorization from Sage 50 for our third-party application.
    AuthorizationResult authorizationResult = Session.RequestAccess(companyId);

    This line Session.RequestAccess throws a PeachtreeException: FileNo…

  • Sage API Importing Question

    Hello everyone. I have a question about the Sage 50 SDK. I am trying to create a PO in Sage through the API. Using .Net and C#, I can see the Lines and the specific fields for the PO itself, but I am unsure how to set the Vendor the PO is linked to in…

  • Importing and Exporting using .NET API

    Hello Everyone,

    I am having trouble figuring out how to import and export to and from Sage 50 Quantum using the US SDK. I have gone through several of the sample apps and I am just not seeing how things are transacting. I want to import CSV files in and…

  • how to add Prepayment to Customer in Peachtree with help of API


    from last few days i am searching on how to add prepayment to customers in Peachtree,

    I need to replicate below mentioned functionality of Sage 50 in my app using API

    - Receive Money ~> Receive Money from Customer

    - select customer

    - check the prepayment…

  • Specified directory could not be found Parameter name: s:\company

    So I am trying to use the Sage 50 API in a web application. The Web App will generate invoices and send them to Sage 50. Now the data is stored on another server at \\serverName\peachtree. I have this mapped to my S drive on the server and have that user…

  • Unable to get API key, been trying for a year+

    I've been submitting the form on this page https://www.sage.com/en-us/partners/independent-software-vendors/# on and off every month or so for a year+ now but never get a reply, Today I tried sending an e-mail to this address [email protected] Waiting…

  • Sage sdk singleton error


    We use the sage sdk framework for a tool who works well, but for 90% of installation case, we have a "Sage.sdk.singleton" during the connection process. In local, we can bug fix this by reinstall Sage. but for our clients, that's more complicated…

  • How to find InventoryItem that has inventory changed only?


    Using the .NET SDK is there a way to search for products whose available inventory has recently changed by date?

    Thank you

  • Import to sage 50 Exception


    I am using sage 50 U.S Edition 2013 and visual studio 2013. I am using Interop.PeachwServer dll  with c# console application.

    When i import csv file using dotnet c# into sage 50 accounting software 2013 version ,some records data is invalid so it…

  • Exception Throw

    How can handling by moving to next record from catch block when this particular exception occurs in sage 50 application when i import sales order csv?

  • Payment & Credit tab's Message Field access from API

    Hi, I have a C# application using the Sage 50 US 2015.3 SDK to access data within a company's data file.

    I cannot locate the .NET class and property for the Message field which appears under a Customer's "Payment & Credit" tab. This is the field on…

  • Add Purchase Invoice / also known as Purchase Journal/ also knows as GRV using Sage 50 U.S SDK 2018

    I wanted to add SaleInvoice using the SDK and found out that there is a method Company.Factories.SalesInvoiceFactory.Create(). But When I wanted to create PurchaseInvoice, I tried to look Create() Method in Company.Factories.PurchaseInvoiceFactory.  But…

  • How to overwrite the sales tax using sdk

    We want to be able to write the Sales tax of a document back to sage using a third party application. From the .net dll, we have understood that the sales tax can only be calculated but not written to. But we want to know if there is any way we can edit…