• Editing the report layout in Sage 50

    I would like to add the data [customer_order_number] into the statement payout (in place of details) but I cannot find the field in the options ; any help appreciated!

  • invoice ledger showing jobs billed to

    Is there a report that will show a list of invoices and what job they are billed to?  I tried the invoice register but the job # is grayed out, why it's even listed if you can use it makes no sense.

  • Union Report-Pivot Table Field Name is Not Valid

    Ok, hope somebody out there can help me figure this one out.

    I'm working on a union report with 5 sub reports, using Sage 50 US.  At one point, when running the union report, it errored out with "Pivot table field name is not valid". I eliminated…

  • Slow Moving Products

    Is there a report on Sage 50 Accounting that can show slow moving items? I can trying to find a report or list that shows the last transaction date on items in our inventory but cant seem to find that. Any help or suggestions?

  • Running Payroll Reports for Prior Years

    Why can't I run a report for a year that is closed?  It's not like I'm making changes, I just need totals.

  • Sales vs material cost reporting


    We are a HVAC manufacturers rep with a small warehouse using Sage 50 for Accounting, inventory, & invoicing.  All invoicing for products drop shipped from manufacturer and shipped by our warehouse is done through Sage 50.  Vendor invoices are…

  • Why have the sub headings "This year" and "Last year" disapeared from the 2 year income statement in Sage 50?

    My two year income statements say "Current Month" twice and "Year to Date" twice but the sub heading "This Year" and "Last Year" are gone. They are there when I go to Design but they don't show on screen or print.…

  • Report to show GL account 50500 that have not been job costed

    New to this forum!  I am looking to run a report that shows any material or subcontractor costs that have hot been job costed in Peachtree.  Not sure where to ask this question! 

  • Inventory item history

    Can I generate a report for an inventory item that shows every time it has been ordered, unit cost and vendor. Similarly can I get a report that shows every time I have sold an inventory item, the price and the customer? All of the reports I have been…

  • Does Crystal Reports work with current versions of Sage 50?

    Does Crystal Repots work with Sage 50? If so what versions? From previous responses it looks like you need to use the 32-bit version and not the 64-bit, correct? Is Sage planning on removing support of Crystal Reports?

  • How flexible and easy to use is Crystal Reports for Sage50US?

    Hi all .. 

    So I'm not yet a Sage50 user but looking into different aspects of things in order to make an informed decision that I can take to upper management..  We are currently running QB enterprise solutions and have periodically issues with reports…

  • How to print a report that give you the total spend by vendor

    I am trying to print a report that shows what we have paid (total spend) to each vendor by year. I know this information pulls if it is a 1099 vendor but how to I get these details for my vendors that I purchase all of my inventory from that do not require…

  • Is Alchemex software for Intelligence Reporter Required?

    I began using Intelligence Reporter and when I attempted to run the Balance Sheet - Actual vs Prior report I got the message " Layout Generation Error - Please make sure that you have the latest Alchemex software components installed" and then Intelligence…

  • Is it possible to continue using an older version after switching to a different product for current use?

    On of my IT clients has moved their active accounting to a different provider, as the result of a consolidation. They want to know if they have to keep upgrading, and paying the annual fees, in order to use their current version (Sage50 2019) for historical…

  • Question about Intelligence Reporting being retired

    We have a person that just started learning Sage 50 US Intelligence Reporting recently.  We purchased the connector a month ago but have not installed it because we aren't on the newest software version.  We got the email notice that it is being retired…

  • an unexpected error occurred: External component has thrown an exception

    Excel is giving the error "An unexpected error occurred:  External component has thrown an exception" when opening a Sage 50 US Sage Intelligence Financial Designer report. What is causing this and how to fix it?

  • Quotes/Orders Tables


    Can anyone help to identify where the quotes and orders data is via the odbc please.


  • Sales by State

    Is there are report in Sage 50 intelligence reporting that I can modify.  I need to create a report Sales by State.  I need for taxes. 

  • Quote Reports

    I need to add Quantity and Item ID columns to the monthly quote report.  

    How do I do that?

  • Scheduled report not running

    Hi there.  I have a report which runs well.  I can run it from within Report Manager, and I can extract the scheduler command to a batch file and run it.  However, when I run it through the task scheduler it does not run.  The error in the "BICoreUnattended…

  • Find info on closed periods

    What table can I find information on which period are closed or open?

  • MISSING RESOURCE: Variable uses and Automation type not supported in Visual Basic

    Hello, I am having trouble with a running a few reports in the Report Manager that I have created data containers for in the Connector Tool.  I keep getting a missing resource error like this one:


    This occurs right at the very…

  • Comparative Reports

    How can I create comparative reports (i.e. Q1 2020 sales against Q1 2019, etc..)?

  • Report for displaying qty of goods sold and invoice number

    Is there any report I can run  against Item ID that would give me the qty of item sold, along with an invoice number for the transaction?

    I'm looking for a report similar to the Cost of Goods Sold Journal. We used this report previously but since the…

  • Copy Standard Intelligence Reporting into Report Manager


    I have Sage 50 US Quantum 2020 edition.

    How can I make a copy of a standard Intelligence Reporting, Jobs Profitability Report, into the Report Manager so I can modify it. I need to modify it a little and regularly email to someone in the company.