We are the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of our given product, since we are the only ones in this country who create it. Looking to pull a basic piece count out of the total Sales Orders for a given amount of time), to get a projection…

  • custom crystal reports

    What is the procedure to write custom crystal reports to calculate commissions.

  • Relink Crystal Reports

    We have some Custom Crystal Reports that link with Sage 50. I recently did the update for Sage 50 and now the Crystal Reports aren't linked. I know there is a place to update/relink them but can't find it. Anyone know where I can find that?

  • ODBC access counts as active Sage50 users

    I'm looking a Sage documentation that says third party applications entered using CrystalReprts.UDL file counts as active users.  When I use an addon, Sage50 says the maximum number of users ....  
    Does anyone have information about this?

  • Window 10 Sage 50 and Crystal compatibility - GetPeach Functions not working

    Does anyone know how to get the GetPeach Functions working in Crystal after upgrading to Windows 10?  We have confirmed that the file U2Lpeach.dll is installed on the machine and Crystal can clearly see the functions but it can't seem to pull the data…

  • Crystal Reports 2008 custom report compatibility.


    I was recently hired to handle IT for a small company that uses Crystal reports 2008 in conjunction with sage 50. The Crystal Reports application was packaged with an older version of Sage and they have continued using it for some time. The problem…

  • Sage 50 Quantum 2019 U2lpeach.dll calls 64-bit subroutines even though Crystal Reports 2016 is 32-bit.

    Using information garnered from Dependency Walker, it appears U2lpeach.dll utilizes several 64-bit .dlls from C:\windows\system32.  Based upon my understanding, in earlier versions of windows this directory contained the 32-bit routines; however, under…

  • Sage 50 Crystal Reports licenses

    Does Sage 50 2018 version include Crystal Reports licenses?

    I have a client that used Crystal Reports with an older version of Sage 50, but the client cannot find the installation CD or installation files.  

  • Invoice Printing with Crystal Report

    Dear All, 

    I want to print AP Invoice in crystal report due to customized layout. I want to bring Jornal entry in the form of Debit and Credit for AP Invoice, but I am unable to find the relevant fields in the JrnlHdr and JrnlRow,  kindly help me in this…

  • Use indexes or server for speed

    I have been finding recently that on certain computers, Crystal Reports will give an error message if I don't uncheck the box “Use indexes or server for speed” in the Report Options.  Unchecking this makes the report run much slower. 


  • Sage 50 2016.2 and Crystal Reports

    If you use Sage 50 2016 - US Edition, and you run any custom Crystal Reports that utilize the GETPEACH formula, DO NOT LOAD THE 2016.2 UPDATE! Loading this update will break Crystal Report's ability to calculate any formula value that pulls from the GETPEACH…

  • Inventory Valuation Report - Get Item Value for Crystal Report

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been working on a couple of custom reports for my current company and I ran into only one issue which I can't figure out.

    I need to create a report pretty much like the Inventory Valuation Report but with other fields that are…

  • Invoice printing with Crystal report

    I have a client on Sage 50 2013 that prefers a custom Invoice form which I cannot customize with the current forms.

    I have created a Crystal report, but I cannot find where the Sales Rep from the Invoice is save in either the JrnlHDR or JrnlROW.


  • Sage 50 US Version 2015 - Report Writer Needed

    We are looking to match a customer with a Sage 50 US Report Writer.  Our customer would like a Report written for the new 2015 Version.

    Is there anyone here who writes Reports for this software?  Once written, you would have it posted on the webstore TheReportStore…

  • Track Time Stamp of Invoice and Receipts


    Using Crystal Reports Is there a way I can Track the Time when Customer was Invoiced and when Payment Receipt of customer was entered.

    I am using 2010 Peachtree Quantum 

  • Custom Aged A/R Report needed

    A few months ago I had a request from a customer for a complex Aged A/R Report and spent many
    hours trying to create it in Crystal Reports. Somewhat successful, but not enough to give them all of the results they want.

    They would like to see the invoice…

  • RE: HOW

    Once you are in Sage, navigate to the Reports & Forms Menu, then click on Crystal Report Designer. You can also get there by navigating to the Start Menu, look for a Folder Called Crystal Reports 2008, open that up and clicking on Crystal Reports 2008…