• Problems with 1099-misc

    We are having some trouble printing the 1099-misc form.

    We get an error:

    Description: No records exist in the specified range.

    Source: 14:53:24 - A/P 1099 Filing

    When we run the A/P Vendors 1099 Inquiry, all the applicable entries show up. Also, we…

  • Payroll Tax Forms showing 2014??? Can not do 1099s?

    Payroll Tax Form Selector is showing 2014 for all reports. 2014??? I also had the error message "The procedure entry point ?dumpAccumualtive etc. I will try downloading the latest Sage update. So we can not do 1099s in Sage now? I don't understand why…

  • W2 processing

    Has anyone else had an issue with NC state wages not pulling the correct AGI? The amount is incorrect for those with HSA contributions.

  • existing tax forms

    My existing tax forms are no longer available any thoughts as to where to find?

  • Adding Health Insurance Fringes to W2 in Aatrix

    Aatrix is picking up our old Fringe ID for Health Insurance costs per employee, but not our new Fringe IDs (4 new ones) added in 2022.

    How can I add the 4 new Fringe ID's so the Health Ins costs will show up on the employee's W2?

    Hilary Schaub…

  • URGENT! Formatting W2s

    URGENT! Our state requires W2s to be uploaded in an "EFW2" format, or else we must enter manually. Will Sage print state W2s in this format??

  • Printing W-2's and W-3's without lines

    First time using Sage for year end payroll W-2's and W-3's--When I print the federal copy of the W-2 and W-3, Sage is printing as if it were on a blank sheet. We have always submitted the federal W-2 and W-3's on he pre-printed forms with the red/pink…

  • 1099 forms for Sage 2022 for non-payroll customer.

    As in previous years, where is the 1099 download link for Sage 2022 non-payroll customers?

    Attempting to get the update through "check for updates" says "Not Entitled."


  • Printing Tax Forms

    My IRS 1099 tax forms are pre-printed.  When attempting to print my first trial, the program is printing the lines and words that are already pre-printed on my forms.  How do I turn this off?  I just need it to use the pre=printed forms!

  • 2022 W2 processing after new 2023 Sage 50

    I updated to Sage 50 2023 and decided to print a W2 for the one employee. I received the error in the picture.  I can click ok and get to the Select a form screen but the w2 year is 2021


    So I thought I would see what would happen if I clicked OK. I then…

  • income tax filing status

    just updated to the new tax update 20230101 and have a question on the MO income tax. Why do the filing status within SAGE 50 not match the filing status on the MO W4 form??

  • AatrisForms.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    I am trying to access my Tax Forms and I keep getting this error.  Do I need to do something with Aatrix to be able to access the forms?  This could be an interesting year end if I don't have access to payroll tax forms.

  • 941 certified copy not available

    When printing 2022 941 I recieve a message that says a certified copy cannot be printed and I have to efile or transfer over information to form. It has never happened before and my forms were updated on 6/17/2022. Am I doing something wrong?

  • When will the 2nd qtr 2022 941 form be updated?

    When will the 941 for the 2nd qtr 2022 be ready?  

  • Form 941 Part 5 Print Name & Title

    Where is the Print Name & Title populating from on Form 941, Part 5?  I can update the info as I prepare the form, but it would be nice to update it at the source.

  • ACA Form 1095C

    How can I pull the ACA information from my payroll records?  I have created so many spreadsheets trying to compile the information for full time employees for 2021!  It is extremely frustrating.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this?  Sage 50 does…

  • Can anyone help me or tell me how to upload my w-2's in a txt format to the ohio business gateway?

    Can anyone help me or tell me how to upload my w-2's in a txt format to the ohio business gateway. This is the only way the state is accepting our employees w-2's

  • W2's

    can anyone help with the end of the year forms (W2s) how to enter if an employee has school tax that needs to go on his w2

  • The 1099 NEC form does not line up going thru payroll forms

    I am trying to print the 1099 NEC for my company and I have gone thru payroll and forms and the 3 part does NOT line up at all! 

  • 1099 NEC on Sage 50 US Accounting

    The forms we have 3 vendors per sheet.  Your template only has 2, how do I add the 3rd vendor to print on the form?

  • 943 or 944 final print for mailing

    Anyone having any luck getting the final 943 or 944 to print?  Keeps saying waiting on the IRS to confirm the page formats or you can e-file.  Any idea how long the IRS will take to approve? I need the printed version to mail for these very small seasonal…

  • Payroll

    If an employee wants to be exempt from federal and state taxes, how do you enter? I know it used to be 99 but since W4 updated in 2020 is that still case. 

  • How to print a form 941 for PRIOR YEAR?

    I need to re-print a form 941 for 4th quarter 2020. Sadly, there is NO record of this form in my files and getting a copy from the IRS is simply impossible. Is there a way to re-print this form?

  • form 941?

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to access my 2019 tax form 941 ALL 4 quarters?

    Not sure I am in the right group and I am sorry.

    Sage Payroll had my account....them Isolved took it over and can't access my stuff?



  • 2021 Payroll Tax Forms

    I do not have the 2021 payroll tax forms it still has the 2019 and 2020 forms.  We worked with one of your Techs with no success.  I have  went to aatrix.com and did the download and no success.  

    Are they just no available or will there be a patch to download…