• Payroll - unclaimed payroll check

    I need to void/cancel 2 payroll checks that former employees have not cashed from 2015 & 2021.  The bank account has been closed and these 2 checks are still showing on the bank reconciliation.  The moneies will be turned over to the unclaimed property…

  • I am trying to do quarterly sales tax for the first time. I can't see a Sale Tax Report item on the Report menu.

    Good Morning Everyone:

    Sage 50 "Help" alludes to their being a Sales Tax Report. I don't see one. What am I missing? Other useers on this forum mention they had to buy a third party tool for Quarterly Sales Tax Reports. What is the actual truth.…

  • Sick and Vacation Accrual only if the employee works a certain amount of hours a month

    Hello, I have a costumer with a very particular workers comp decree established by the local DoA which stated that the hourly employee accrues 6hrs/mo Vacation (144hrs max) and Sick (120hrs  max) only if total hours for the pay period is equal 115 or …

  • W2's

    can anyone help with the end of the year forms (W2s) how to enter if an employee has school tax that needs to go on his w2

  • How is the Schedule B of the 941 populated?

    The first 8 weeks of Q4 2020 are correct, the last 6 weeks are wildly off.

    I've spoken with support both online and over the phone and they said there is some fix in the works, but they don't have any way to help me. The solution they gave me was to just…

  • Incorrect amount for Employer SS and Employee SS on Federal Tax Deposit 941 filing through Aatrix

    I installed the latest Sage update a few days ago.  I just processed payroll for checks dated 11/18/2020.  The paycheck withholdings are correct.  However, when I select "Payroll Tax Forms" to file the Federal Tax Deposit for 941, the Employer SS and the…

  • How do I remove vacation and sick leave from employees payroll?

    How do I remove vacation and sick leave?  Our accrual is based on the hire date not calendar year-end so I need to remove these benefits from payroll.  I also do not like that this forces 2 pages for the payroll check stub (thus creating a voided payroll…

  • how to claim credit for FFCRA on form 941


    I am having hard time understanding how to claim the FFCRA credit on form 941.  

    I paid $1520.00 total of FFCRA sick leave.  the form told me to annually reduce the liabilities on schedule B, the amount is 1542.04 (which is gross + medicare - employer…

  • Error in Processing options for line 16 in Form 941 (Q2-2020)


    I am processing the 941 return 2nd quarter 2020. 

    Given that the amount of Line 12 for 2nd  quarter is $2795.00 and the amount of Line 12 for the 1st quarter is $1966.00,  I should be allowed to check the first box Line 16.

  • Exception thrown by target of an invocation - Payroll Settings

    When I open Payroll settings I get the following error: 

    A Managed exception was caught.  The error is 'Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.    at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature…

  • CA Sick Pay Calculating Incorrectly

    Hello.  I have been using Peachtree since 1990s, currently using Sage50. 

    I'm in CA, and set up our Sick pay according to Document #10246 back in 2015 or 2016.  It is just a "Memo" field, but prints on paystubs.  Sick pay is meant to be limited…

  • Medical benefit for greater than 2% Shareholder

    How do I run a one-time payroll check for a greater than 2% shareholder where the only purpose of the check is to gross up their wages for the premiums paid on their behalf for the year?  There is to be no Federal, FICA, Medicare tax due to them for these…

  • Year to Date Wrong

    The year to date is wrong from one paycheck to another for an employee and it is not right, it is off at least $10k.  I need help on how to fix this...Any help is much appreciated.

  • WA Paid Family Leave Update Issues 2.15.19

    Is anyone else having an issue with the deductions not being correct for the next payroll?  I downloaded the update yesterday, followed the setup instructions and then did a sample paycheck.  The amounts aren't correct for EE or ER.  They should be for…

  • Payroll formula for paid leave deduction

    I need to set up a formula(s) for a .6333 percent of .4 percent of gross deduction.  Does anyone know how to do this??

  • Install 1st January 2019 Sage 50 Payroll solutions Update R2018 without installing the upgrade to R2019

    Can I install the 1st January 2019 Sage 50 Payroll solutions Update R2018 without first installing the upgrade to R2019?  I need to run a payroll this week and do not have time to install the full upgrade right now on the server and all the workstations…

  • July Tax Update

    If you are currently using Sage 50 2018 and want to install just the latest tax update, and not the Sage 50 2019.0 product release, please reference Knowledgebase article 10877.  

  • Oregon statewide transit tax

    Please be advised that the Oregon statewide transit tax is planned to be included in the July Tax Update targeted for release later this month. Please refer to KB 91664 for details once available.  

  • Is there a way to only receive payroll updates for just one state instead of all states?


    I work for an IT support firm and one of our customers uses Sage and has asked if there is a way to get payroll updates only for Texas instead of all states?

  • Missing payroll formula error message for Louisiana state income tax after March 2018 payroll tax update

    We have had some reports from customers in Louisiana regarding state income tax withholding. Please reference KB 90129 for details and a simple resolution.  

  • Payroll chart of accounts


    Our business office burned down last year and we had to start our company from scratch. However, I believe we set up the payroll incorrectly. Is there a way to find out if the payroll chart of accounts is set up right? For example, I think our…

  • Announcement: 1st January 2018 Sage 50 US Payroll Solutions Update released on Dec 19th

    The 1st January 2018 Sage 50 US Payroll Solutions Update was released today, December 19th 2017

    This update contains Federal and State tax formula calculations for the 2018 calendar year reported through December 13th, 2017. To receive this update, you…

  • Automating/simplifying labor distributions for salaried employees

    All right. This is gonna be a long one, so bear with me here. Let me start by establishing that my background is mostly technical. I have very little accounting knowledge. I have a non-profit customer that works with several different funds. Their accounting…

  • Tax Liability Report Wrongly Calculated January 2017 Gross Income for 941

    I ran my Tax Liability Report on 2/1/2017.  I paid my 941 taxes for January based off this report.  I just ran my 941 quarterly Tax Return and discovered January's report was incorrect causing me to over pay my 941's.  Why would this happen? 

  • not greater than formula

    Can I set up a payroll formula for my employer portion of Simple IRA to say 3% but not greater than the employees contribution?  I have a few EEs who contribute a flat rate and I am not sure how to get them to calculate the 3% and then one who is paid…