• Hourly Employee Pay Type

    We have pay type that we need to assign a few hourly employees each pay period.   I would like this to automatically add this 100.00 to their pay type without having it be a "hourly wage"  so we do not have to enter 1 hour for them to be paid for…

  • Payroll IRA catchup not working

    When I changed catchup to Yes in maintain employee for Simple IRA plan for employees over 50, no IRA deduction is done.  If catchup is set to no, it works fine, but we have some employees for which teh setting should be yes for later in the year.  We have…

  • Payroll - unclaimed payroll check

    I need to void/cancel 2 payroll checks that former employees have not cashed from 2015 & 2021.  The bank account has been closed and these 2 checks are still showing on the bank reconciliation.  The moneies will be turned over to the unclaimed property…

  • Employee Beginning Balance

    I can't add more info in the beginning balance. There are only 5 weeks listed.  I thought there were supposse to be 52 available. I'm trying to add the wages for short term disability pay. 

  • Sage 50 US - Defining Non-Taxable Earning Codes

    Using Sage 50 2022, we have a few pay code (Field name) define.

    At the point of doing an payroll entry a value is enter for field name : Traveling.

    How do we configure Sage 50 Payrol so that the system knows that the pay code is non-taxable.

  • Payroll Formulas

    I need to set up a retirement calculation in payroll formulas that ties to the hourly rate.  I cannot find the identifier I would use to include the hourly rate in the formula.  The customer service reps are no help and told me I needed to hire a consultant…

  • California Company One Employee is Moving To Texas

    One of our employees is moving to (and will be working in Texas).

    When I set up a new employee for the new Texas wages, Sage is asking for Tex income tax formulas?

    Not sure how to handle this.

  • state unemployment employee

    i put in the our change in percentages for employee deductions and saved my payroll report under payroll formulas - user maintain the gross is coming up incorrect

  • Overtime Not Showing on Paycheck

    I ran a two week payroll today and Sage 50 did not calculate overtime for an hourly employee on their paycheck.  Recorded hours were: Week 1, 40.5 hours; Week 2, 38 hours.  The employee was due .5 hour at time and a half, but the paycheck totaled them as straight…

  • Sick time

    Is there a way to adjust sick time in the middle of the year. I have all employees set up for the 40 up front but I want to change it to a weekly accrual. 

  • Federal withholding tax issue after 2023 Update

    Federal withholding tax is not being withheld for employees who were inactive at the time when the 2023 update was run, but are now active. In 2022, prior to update, all taxes for these same employees were fine. Update glitch?

  • Employee W2 box 12 calculation error if you refund a contribution to an employee

    I am using Sage Accounting 50 2022, when I am doing my company census auditing I found out the W2 Box 12A of an employee is wrong. The issue is I hold out $14.40 for the 401K plan on an employee but due to a change he is not picking up 401k plan so I…

  • Simple IRA Pretax contributions

    One of our customers set up a simple ira for their employees. The calculations seem to be correct for all but one employee. After some head-scratching we figured out the company is set to match 100% up to 3%. All of their employees are set to contribute…

  • Payroll Calc Setup -- Local tax districts

    We are a service company and we work in the KCMO local tax district multiple times a day, along with locations in Kansas and Missouri. We have been informed that the local KCMO tax rate of 1% on wages should be on adjusted gross wages but we are being…

  • My federal deduction is not correct on my payroll checks

    Federal deduct is not coming of my paychecks correctly

  • Christmas Club

    I have some employees who still have a Christmas Club account that automatically deducts from their paycheck each week.  The bank takes the amount out of my checking account each week.  How do I make a deduction like this on their paycheck?  Only options…

  • 2023 Federal Withholding Tax Bracket tables not updated for 2023. Values in 2023 match 2022.

    Looks like the 2023 Federal Withholding Tax Bracket tables in Sage 50 have not been updated for 2023.

    The 2023 Federal Withholding Tax Bracket tables match 2022.

    Verification of Federal Withholding paycheck calculations for 2023 was not matching online…

  • Employer Match for 401K

    We have a 401K that has an employer match of up to 4%.  I can get the employer match to calculate for the employees that have their contribution as a percentage.  It does not calculate for the employees that have a flat amount taken out.  How can I get the…

  • Void direct deposit

    I made an extremely rookie mistake (30-yr Sage/PT veteran) - I was intending to void a payroll check for this week, prior to transmitting direct deposits. I inadvertently pulled one from December and voided it, obviously long after the transmission -…

  • 401k

    How do I correct the deductions for 401k to match the 2023 amounts of $ 22,500 and 6,500.  I tried to update the 2022 but it still has the wrong amounts

  • Payroll help

    We did payroll today (ran the update on Tuesday).  Weird thing happened.  Our company HSA match did not come over for anyone.  All looks set up well (nothing changed or was supposed to anyway) but I cannot figure out what went wrong so cannot fix it.


  • Changing Simple IRA benefit to a 401K in 2023

    My company has previously offered the Simple IRA benefit.  Going into 2023, we are changing to a 401k.  I set up the 401k in Sage successfully.  I see the Simple is still listed as a benefit, but it does not allow me to delete it. I see under each employee…

  • Tax Liability Report Wrongly Calculated January 2017 Gross Income for 941

    I ran my Tax Liability Report on 2/1/2017.  I paid my 941 taxes for January based off this report.  I just ran my 941 quarterly Tax Return and discovered January's report was incorrect causing me to over pay my 941's.  Why would this happen? 

  • Uncommon Payroll Deduction

    I have an employee that was issued a payroll check back in 11/2014, and it was lost.  The owner decided not to stop payment and reissue, she just had me reissue another payroll check.  Understandably, this employee is the most trustworthy individual on the…