Why does the auto fringe number from 2022 carry over to the following year 2023 on pay stubs? How can I change it so it wouldn't carry over to the next year? I have Sage50 Cloud.  I appreciate any help with this issue.

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    It sounds like you have set it up as an Employee Field (in the same area as taxes and deductions) and marked it as a running balance.

    Go to the Maintain menu, choose Default Information, the Employees.

    Select the Employee Fields tab and find the line for your auto fringe. I think you'll find that the Run box is checked. This tells Sage to keep a running balance from year to year. Clear the check mark from the Run box and your problem should be solved.

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    I am having difficulties in getting this set up today.  I've searched for help from Sage and haven't found anything.  I think mostly, I need help with what the user-maintained formula should be.  I'm setting it up as a taxable benefit to the S-Corp owner to reimburse vehicle use for his commuting miles. Does that sound like how I should do it?  I also have it flagged for Box 14 on the W-2. 

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    Setting it up as a taxable benefit sounds right. But, unless you need Sage 50 to calculate the amount of the benefit, you don't need a formula. If the benefit amount is the same on every check, just bring up the owner in Maintain Employees and to the the Employee Fields tab. Clear the Use Defaults check box on the line for this benefit. then enter the amount that should be added to each paycheck.

    To make sure you have properly set it up as taxable, go into Payroll Entry and remove or change the benefit amount. You should see the taxes recalculate.

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    OK - I'm still not getting it to calculate correctly.  It should show up in the gross check amount, I'm assuming.  Under Default > Employee > Employee Fields I have "Auto" GL#6960 and the Calc box is not checked. (If I try to check it the error message comes up "The calculation name field cannot be blank" I'm not sure what calculation name field they are asking for.  That's why I thought I needed a formula.  What else do I need to do?

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    Taxable items set up on the Employee Fields tab will affect "taxable gross" when set up properly. But they will not be included in the "Gross" that shows in the Payroll Entry screen  or on the Payroll Register. That "Gross" will always be the sum of the hourly or salary fields. But if you see the taxes recalculate when you change the benefit amount, then you know the benefit is affection "taxable gross". I've always assumed the reason for this behavior is that a benefit can be taxable for some taxes and not others.

    Taxable Gross does show on the Tax Liability Report, so you can use it to confirm that you have everything working correctly.