WV unemployment went down from a cap (wage base) of 12,000 to 9,000.

WV unemployment went down from a cap of 12,000 to 9,000.  It was announced mid-quarter and is retro active to 1/1/2022.

We had employees go over the cap before the announcement and our manual change to the company maintained payroll formula.  How do we correct the WV Unemployment return?  Can it be done in Aatrix?  We could then do a journal entry to correct our overstated liability account.

Input would be appreciated.

  • Sharlene,

    I'm thinking that Sage should update this at some point.  

    However, if you click on "Maintain"

    Then "Payroll"

    Then "Setup formulas manually"

    My formula ID is    WVSUI21

    The name is         WVSUI ER 22

    In the formula box it probably says:

    LIMIT=12000.00; "This value pulled from Taxinfo.dat"
    PERCENT=3.50000; "State Unemployment Rate: (%) entered by the user"

    Change the limit to 9000.00 and everything should work fine.  Run the tax liability report for the 1st qtr to review.

    Our PERCENTS are probably different.  If you need to you can change PERCENT under "payroll settings"    then "company Info".

  • appreciate the answer but not what I was looking for.  I had already manually updated the formula - my question is how do you fix the employees that went over the cap.  We also can manually correct the GL liability if needed.  I just don't know how to fix the unemployment return for the first quarter.  A manual fix in Aatrix for the 1st quarter WV Unemployment return? or is there something needed to be fixed with the employee's pay history?

  • Sharlene,

    If you changed the formula, then the unemployment return should change.