• on-boarding issue

    we are trying to upgrade out sage50.. so in the process of on-boarding we keep getting the error "account registration failed"

  • Upgrade Sage 50 and Data migration

    Will there be any issues on migrating the company data from Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2018 version to Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting? Planning to update to Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting. What is the maximum number of company data we can create on…

  • Questions about Replacing Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 with Sage 50 Pro Accounting.

    I have been a Sage/Peachtree customer for 25 years... The last purchased software I am still using is Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010.

    Would the data from 2010 Peachtree be able to be imported to Sage 50 Pro Accounting?

    Would I still be able to…

  • data conversion

    Does Sage 50 2022 data need to be converted when upgrading to sage 50 2023?

  • Can I open sage 50 2020 Premium's file on sage 50 2023 pro?

    Hi everyone, previously I have purchased a box of sage 50 2020 premium. Now I want to upgrade to Sage 50 2023 pro. Is it possible to open the 2020 premium's files on 2023 pro?

    Thank you!


  • Looking to upgrade Sage 50 to a fully integrated ERP/MRP System

    We (Small company, two companies with a lot of intercompany business) are currently using Sage 50 and another ERP/MRP system for Production and Engineering and I am investigating the possibilities to use Sage as a fully integrated ERP (incl. MRP) system…

  • Sage 50 2023 Upgrade

    I remember seeing posts in the past that some users were having problems with the 2023 upgrade to Sage 50.  I haven't installed the update yet based on these comments.  I'm just wondering if anyone has any more recent experience with the upgrade.…

  • How about not outsourcing or replacing your QA department with paying Sage customers?

    Your paying customers must not be your QA department, and if that is your position/marketing strategy, how about we get credit toward the renewal for every hour we spend installing>reinstalling>installing your new release.

    Have the developers test…

  • upgrade from 2022 to 2023

    We have a windows server 2012 installed with the 2022 sage 50 quantum an try to update to 2023 an after the update, we cannot login to sage 50 givving a fatal error code #6 .... what we can do?

  • Sage 50 Quantum 2022 painfully slow to save and/or search- upgrade to Sage 100?

    We are experiencing painfully slow save times- about 4 minutes to save an invoice in AR- and no one else can work waitiing for save to complete, We have a high transaction load so data is pretty full. Will it help to upgrade to Sage 100? Can't seem to…

  • Good to update to 2023 yet?

    Aside from the blue highlighting in the inventory list, how are things going with updating to 2023 after the "fix" was released last week?

    Are you still having to revert back to 2022? Or are you successfully working in 2023 without issue now…

  • Installing Sage 50 2023 on server drive d: not c:

    I'm upgrading from an old server to a new server and needing to install Sage 50 2023 to the new server.  The old server program was on Drive D: and networked with two other computers.  When I install to D: on new server, the program will not run Smartpost…

  • Odd bug, User ID changed to random company after upgrading to 2023

    I upgraded to 2023 an got an odd bug. I was trying to get into payroll and got "Call us to subscribe to payroll" dialog box. After syncing it did not populate the taxes and still got the dialog box every time I selected payroll. I called to verify that…

  • Sage50

    I have been a customer for Sage for over 30 Years,  the upgrade 2023 for Sage 50 has mega errors,  please someone has to do something about this,  I contacted Customer Support and they have no solutions,  they just say if you dont upgrade by March 2023 your…

  • 2022 vs 2023

    How long are we able to continue using 2022 without upgrading to 2023? What happens if we don't upgrade?

  • Upgrade from Sage 50 US Edition 2021 to 2023

    Can I upgrade directly from Sage 50 US Edition 2021 SR-1 to 2023.0 or must I first upgrade to 2022.0 and then upgrade to 2023.0?

    If I do not upgrade before January, will I have any problems running payroll with my current version of Sage?

    Thank you in…

  • Upgrading of Sage 2013 Pro to Sage 2022

    If anyone has a Sage 50 Pro 2015 US version that they can email me or send a link that would be great.  We upgraded our hard drive to a SSD and now we are not able to reinstall Sage 50 Pro 2013.  I have purchased Sage 50 Pro 2022 US version, but need the…

  • Sage 50 2023 Upgrade

    This is not an acceptable upgrade. I am in the process of removing it to go back to 2022 which at least worked on an acceptable level. We have a server and 5 users. NOT ONE PERSON can select anything and not have to wait 10 minutes to a half an hour to…

  • Updated SAGE 50 2022 to 2023 now not able to connect to database


    We recently upgraded from Sage 50 Accounting 2022 to Sage 50 Accounting 2023 and we are now getting the error that Sage 50 the attached error. I have verified with our network admins that no changes have been made to our firewall and the rules…

  • Conversion error after upgrading from sage 50 quantum 2013 to sage 50 quantum 2021

    We recently bought sage 50 quantum 2021 to upgrade our old sage 50 quantum 2013. After installation now we cannot open our company file because we get an error message "This company is from a version too old to be converted please contact support". Tried…

  • The Trials and Tribulations of Upgrading to Sage 50 Quantum 2023

    Initial Reason For Post: Trying to update to Sage Accounting Quantum 2023 this evening and ran into "Write Locator File failed, D:\PPA\company is SHARING_VIOLATION" error on the server. I click OK and the installer cancels. Failed install breaks current…

  • PeachTree Premium for Distribution 2007

    We currently using PeachTree Premium for Distribution 2007. We want to upgrade it to Sage50 but we don't know what is the best desktop version that is compatible with our Peachtree if we need to migrate our 2007 database to the 2022 database.

  • 2023 Sage 50

    When will the download for 2023 Sage 50 be available?  Mine is not showing up as being available yet.

  • Shared computer did not see the company

    I upgraded my computer at work from Sage 50, 2018 to 2022-01 for 3 users. The computer at work is the main one which can share the sage data to another computer at my home and other computer at my accountant's home. I created an account for my accountant…

  • I recently upgraded from Sage 50 2015 to 2022. I find it very troublesome that the issue of the company closing due to inactivity has been an ongoing problem.

    Hello - 

    I recently upgraded from Sage 50 2015 to 2022.  I find it very troublesome that the issue of the company closing due to inactivity has been an ongoing problem for over 3 years, according to the comments.  This function closes the company without…