• Interface with Avalara's Avatax

    Who here uses the Avatax plug-in to calculate sales taxes?  This forum would be a great place to share ideas on this subject.

  • Can a deleted invoice be recovered?

    We accidentally deleted an invoice yesterday - is it possible to recover the invoice after it has been deleted, or at least see the detail so we can re-create it?

  • Is anyone running Sage 50 on a MacBook Pro using Parallel successfully?

    Is there another version of Sage that does operate well on a MacBook Pro?  Our company uses MacBook Pros however, we are not able to run Sage 50 using Parallel successfully.  Parallel creates a Windows environment on the Mac.  Are there other ways to use…

  • Accounting entry in Sage 50

    Hello, we just recently switched to Sage50 and I am in need of some help. 

    We are a plumbing business- residential and commercial. After accepting a job, we pay a visit and then go purchase the necessary items and use them immediately on that job. We initially…

  • Help! Bank Reconciliation Shows Cleared Item Before I select anything

    Hello! I am trying to fix a bank reconciliation that got unbalanced due to a transaction being edited and not saved correctly when the account had already been reconciled and closed. I have verified all the debits and credits. However it says I am off…

  • Is it possible to remove transactions in the bank rec that are in closed years in PeachTree 2011?


    Is it possible to remove transactions from my bank rec that are from closed years in PeachTree 2011 edition?

    Thank You


  • Inventory detail by GL Account in Sage 50

    Am working with a company on their inventory and cannot obtain a detail of inventory that ties out to the GL balances in Raw Material, WIP, and Finished goods accounts. There is an Inventory Valuation Report but it does not tie out to the GL balances…

  • Cloud based computers out of sync

    My husband & I use the Sage 50 cloud based software.  In May, something really weird happened with our invoicing.  Our Invoice Register does not match - my computer is missing the invoices dated 5/28/19 - 5/31/19 and his computer is missing the invoices…

  • Prepaid Supply Inventory Account

    Hi, I started working in a distributor company. and we use Sage 50. We have only one inventory account in our chart of accounts  for our products to sale and for supplies (warehouse supplies-packaging, catalogs).  Is it correct to have only one account…

  • Offsite Inventory

    Hi, my company is a distributor. We work with Sage 50. We will have to send some products of the inventory to a third party company  to be cleaned and then these products will be returned to us. Is it correct to create an inventory account named "Offsite…

  • Accounts Receivable comes in earlier than I want it recorded...

    We have a new bank that inputs our deposit as soon as we get it, which is a few days earlier than the month it needs to be accountable for.

    For Example:

    Deposit for April drops in March 30th

    Is there a way to input this correctly so that the amount shows…

  • reconciliation

    I go to reconcile my bank statement and my main bank GL nothing is showing up even for previous months.  My other bank acct I use everything is showing up.  I have done a synchronization I have restored from a backup, I have done a data verification and…

  • Peachtree Pro Accounting 2007 Activation

    I found Peachtree Pro Accounting 2007 in my mom's cabinet and would like to use it (she cannot remember if she ever did), but I cannot open it after the download - is there a code I need?  Would someone please tell me what it is looking for or what…

  • Handling non-cash employee compensation in Sage 50

    Help! I have a small company that this year distributed a non-cash award to eligible employee. The value was $500.00, so we need to treat it as income and withhold/pay taxes. How do I enter this in Sage so that the appropriate taxes are recorded but the…

  • Reconciliation report dates

    Is there anyway to change the report dates for reconciliations?

    For example, I have a credit card that ends on the 11th of each month. I can reconcile it with no issues but I cannot pull a reconciliation report since the options are for specific periods…

  • Wont Let me Archive 2016 -- Year End Wizard

    It's trying to archive 2017 without archiving 2016?  Help!!

  • Every few days, Sage 50 Accounting 2017 hangs on login, and will not work for any users until we reboot the machine.

    I've poured through event logs prior to this occurring but not finding anything suspicious. We've tried restarting SmartPosting and Autoupdate service when it happens, no change. Other applications on this terminal server are working fine, but for some…

  • Prepayment Screen

    Typically when I have a Credit Card payment, I add the credit card fees as an entry in the Apply to Revenues Tab to the proper expense and then receive it as one payment. This way the full transaction is together and when reconciling the checking account…

  • Custom Report Sage Pro mult-iuser - last update was july 2016 re payroll

    I need a report that will sort "Sales Orders" by two factors or two fields, one is "Shipped By" or "Track Shipment" and the other is by "Due Date" Help!


  • Customer balance wrong

    A customer leger account has a zero balance but customer list display debit balance  of the same customer. How to fix this?

  • Aid in understanding a simple accounting question.

    I do not have a very robust accounting system as of yet. I have thousands of products and no time to individually enter each transaction at this point. Basically I want to track my sales and taxes so that "folks don't throw rocks at me". When I do a daily…

  • Transfer Money from one account to another.

    I am really new at this program and accounting in general. I tried to use a general journal entry to transfer money from one account to another. What I ended up with was an extra 14k in the account that I was transferring from and a debt for an equal…

  • Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2010

    Does Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2010 work on Windows 8?

  • Sage 50 Quantum 2015 US: Sort Sales Orders alphanumerically

    I'd like my Sales Orders to sort alphanumerically when I save them.  Is this possible?  How?!!
    This should be standard, logical practice in a program this sophisticated, was more than
    amazed it isn't.

  • Fiscal month issues - Sage 50

    Hello.  I am a newby to Sage City and am looking forward to learning and chatting and interacting with the group.  I do have to start with a question.  How can I change Fiscal Month Dates?  I have 2014 & 2015 open, 2014 dates are all correct, but for some…