• Sage 50 Accountant 2019

    I have Sage 50 Accountant 2019 standalone version installed. I was using it yesterday (July 31, 2023) but today, Aug 1, 2023, when I launch the application, it is trying to find a Sage activation server. It fails to find an activation server, gives an…
  • I pause sharing and it flips back to shared in by itself

    I go through the steps to pause, it switches to paused and within seconds it switches back to shared and won't allow me to do anything. I'm also missing transactions on my general journal list, but they are showing in reports for those accounts. I would…
  • Can't resume sharing a company. Sage support has not responded in 4 day. Is there a phone number I can call?

    I paused sharing to change a period. When I tried to resume sharing there was a message that I needed to close an open window. However there was no open window. I was unable to close Sage either. This was on a Sunday and I need to do work in another company…
  • Sage 50 Accounting could not be started

    Dear All, I have a question on the following, one of our sega client can not start the sage application, and the database is hosted on other computer in the network, have ran the diagonsis tool, i found the following issue, but the sage client can access…
  • Sage 50 Remote Data Access keeps asking to synchronize the company. Why?

    While using Sage we are having users that keep getting the message "Remote Data Access needs to synchronize the company data. Click OK to start the synchronization. This may take some time." . This has occurred twice in one session as well, even after…
  • Smart Posting Error - Account does not foot to general ledger

    Good morning - Has anyone ever received this err after running a data verification? No idea what this means. Shelley
  • Purging old data

    I have had Peachtree/Sage since 1997. I have never purged any old info since then. When I try to purge now, I go into the log to see what was not purged. EX: customer A has an open quote from 1990. I open the old quote, try to close it, but it will not…
  • Data verification not running Data Reliability- only Data Access

    In the past 3 weeks, every time I run the data verification and choose to have both tests run- only the data access runs and NOT the data reliability. How do I fix this? It ran fine all year up until a few weeks ago.
  • Sage 50 Access

    Hi, I currently have a user who can access my company with no problem. Then I give a remote access to this user but now both local and remote she cannot access anymore. The error message is: Sage 50 failed to apply latest changes from Remote Data…
  • Sage 50 2021 Remote Access

    I have multiple companies in my sage server and have 4 user workstation that can access the data via network. I was told that our new purchased Sage 50 2021 can be access remotely. How can I access the data remotely? Thanks!

    I am trying to upload a company to Remote Access and after a long period waiting appears a message "An error occurred synchronizing with Remote Data Access. This company is not synchronized and will close in one minute. I have this problem with various…
  • status.dat

    I'm getting the error messages: Status.dat file not accessible.
  • Saga 50 fails to starting a workstation

    In the morning, erratically, Saga 50 fails to start, forcing to do DB repair.
  • Remote Data Access Progress Back and Forth Loop trying to Resume Sharing

    I'm trying to resume sharing company but caught in a loop. It says "Sage 50 is currently processing a data bundle for upload to Remote Data Access..." Another little window keeps flashing "Downloading from Remote Data Access..." back on and off, on and…
  • Can I access local data after deleting my company from the sage drive?

    I recently updated sage 2020 to sage 2021. At the end it did not connect to the sage drive and did not open the company. So I deleted the company from the sage drive to disconnect it, now when I open the local company I get a message saying that it…
  • Up date 2021 and can't open company in the cloud

    I update the Sage to 2021 and then I cant access my data from the cloud. I can't access company that was in Sage Drive and was not working before in this computer. Help Please
  • Bank feed error

    I have set up the bank feed and it has been working well for a month. Now I get an error message. When I try to disconnect I get an error message. I wanted to try to disconnect and reconnect and it won't let me.
  • What's going on with this new upgrade? Release: Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021

    Build: - It continually can't connect to its database. At least that 's what it says, then I stop retrying (and failing), check the entry and it's saved. What can I do about that?
  • After 2021 Update, cannot open company

    We updated Sage 50 to the 2021.0.0 version, and since cannot open the company file (on cloud). Message is: "Could not sync the Remote Data Access company. Please try again. If the issues continue, download the company again." I have tried all of these…
  • Does anybody actually use Sage Drive in a multi user environment?

    I did a test run about a year ago and it was kinda a mess and not particularly stable, but I wanted to check and see if anyone had taken the leap and had it working well. Thanks!
  • Word database fields do not agree with values in Sage

    When writing custom letters, the output into the "name" field in Word did not match the value for "name" in the Sage database. If I changed the value in the "name" field in Sage, it would not change in the Word document. Often, the "name" field in Word…
  • Web Synch Wizard connectivity issues

    I am using Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2017. As of my last payroll, April 12, 2019, I can no longer synch with Benefit Mall (my payroll provider) using the Web Synch Wizard on Sage. Benefit Mall says my data is waiting for me to download, however, I just…
  • Sag50 Cloud

    Hi All, I am using a Sage50 USA Version, in Saudi Arabia. Some one informed me that I can use sage cloud service for securing my data. Is this true. Please explain.
  • Sage Drive not syncing

    Here is my dilemma. Sage 50 is currently taking care of 3 companies between 2 offices: the main office and my home. The last time Sage Drive correctly synced was November 13. Why? I have no idea! Two days later, Sage Drive still has November 13 as it…
  • We can not log into sage on second computer due to the following message / conversion wizard