• Tracking stock parts found both in bins & built assemblies

    In Sage 50 Quantum is there a simple way to view stock levels of parts some of which are in built assemblies and some still found in parts bins?  For example we have an instrument that us comprised of over 600 unique parts.  Within the instrument are 50…

  • allow General Journal entries dated in the future

    Just got off Sage support where the tech could view my screen.  In Sage I have always been able to create a recurring general journal entry in a time period that's to post i.e. for 24 months and into future years.  In 2022 I posted recurring GJ entries…

  • Sage 2023 Update Failure and Repair

    I am just checking to see if there is any recent good news on trying the update again?  Is anyone still experiencing the debilitating lack of function of the 2023 version?  I don't want to go through another update before I should, as it is costly to re…

  • POS for Sage 50c Quantum

    Hello Everyone,

    Is there POS that can integrate with Sage 50c Quantum. If yes, please share the idea.


  • Accounts Payable Didn't Post

    All of the accounts payable checks that were printed didn't post to Sage. 

    The invoices that were paid by these checks cannot be found anywhere in Sage.

  • 1099 in Sage 50 2023 Help!

    We just installed the update and my 1099 forms are gone.   When I click on Tax Forms it takes me to a new program that is completely different - is there any help in printing 1099's like we did previously?   It almost seems like it is setting it up to…

  • Sage 50 Quantum - Can you view imported bank transactions to match them?

    It appears other versions of Sage have a feature to view and match downloaded bank transactions but I cannot find that feature on our Sage 50 Quantum version.  Only way to view recently imported transactions if to go the the bank reconciliation function…

  • Has anyone used Sage 50 in two stores(locations)

    Anyone have a suggestion on the best way to operate Sage in two physical locations?  Thinks about opening a second location.  In a perfect world I would like to have both locations use the same part numbers.  Should you setup a new company?  If you do setup…

  • opening 2016 data in 2020

    I have a client that purchased a new laptop and installed Sage50 Quantum 2020 on it.  When they try to open their data from Sage 50 2016, they get an error that an older version of the Actian Zen database is already running and requires a newer version…

  • How to electronically pay vendors

    We use Sage 50 Quantum and need to start electronically paying vendors. It is my understanding that Sage 50 is not capable of processing electronic payments. Are there any recommendations for a 3rd party software or another process to import/export the…

  • Transfer inventory products between subsidiary companies

    Is there a better or easier way to transfer given inventory products between subsidiary companies verse having to enter an inventory adjustment for each and every item in both companies?

    We are trying to implement a process that each company is receiving…

  • Missing Forms since upgrading to Sage 50 2022

    We upgraded our Sage 50 to the latest version 2022 and now all of my customized forms have disappeared. How can I get these back? Help!!!

  • Need a super responsive Sage Consultant referral please.

    We need to get our Sage 50 Cloud Quantum Edition platform up and running. We are a small business in Tennessee that has Real Estate Holdings, a construction business and we also do some Real Estate Wholesale business. We need consolidated reporting and…

  • Reporting Using Item Type

    I would like to run Sales reports by Item Type but I don't see any reports that has that field available.  Any suggestions?  

  • How to set custom fields to be printed on last page of forms in Sage 50 US 2022?

    hello all, 

    I am trying to customize SO, Quotes & Invoices.  I want to put signature line and some notes at the last page.

    In Sage50 2022 US Edition, can't find any option to set fields on last page.

    Appreciate the help from community. 

    Thanks in…

  • User Security Setup

    Is it possible to setup a A/R & A/P clerk position to have access to Job Profitability Reports WITHOUT having access to payroll fields/access?



  • SAGE 50 API OpenSession() problem

    Hi i am a developer using Sage 50 API and i am having this error trying to OpenSession() 

    'Void Sage.SBD.ACS.Framework.DataAccess.DbInstances.set_ChangesetRecorder(Sage.Collaboration.Common.IChangesetRecorder)'. stack trace   at Sage.Peachtree.Collaboration…
  • Can SAGE 50 quantum open SAGE 50 premium backup

    My CPA uses SAGE 50 quantum and my company uses SAGE 50 premium. Can he take my backup and convert to SAGE 50 quantum so he can view my accounting? If so, what are the steps to do this?

    thank you!!


  • Balance Sheets ran for same period don't match

    We use Sage 50 Quantum. I ran a balance sheet for period ending 12/31/20 back on February 24th 2021.  Today I ran the balance sheet for the same period 12/31/20 and the retained earnings GL is different from the report I ran in February. I am wondering…

  • Is there a way to run a report showing Monthly Balance Sheet's for a given Fiscal Year vs running the BS report twelve different times?

    I am wanting to do some monthly Balance Sheet Analysis for past years and was wanting a report showing the ending Balance Sheet amount for each month in a year instead of having to manually trying to compile twelve different reports, Is there a fairly easy…

  • Sage 50 2022 Upgrade Discussion Thread

    I just wanted to see if anyone else had taken the leap and upgraded yet.  I am going to wait until I get some kind of indication that the release is stable after the mess that was the initial release of 2021 last year.

  • Customer Payment more than Invoice

    I have a sales invoice that is from several months ago.  There was a claim with the shipper which has since been resolved.  We received a payment paying the invoice in full PLUS paying for shipping fees.  The shipping fees were not on the invoice.  I need…

  • Accounts Payable Report - Expense Account

    I need to approve payments for the AP check run. My accountant gives me a report of vendor, invoice, amount, and GL account.  However, the GL account is Accounts Payable account.  I need a report that shows what Expense or Inventory account the invoice is…

  • Unable to open Peachtree session- Peachtree270.ini does not exist


    I'm trying to open a Peachtree session to connect to Sage 50 accounting software.  I'm using Sage 50 2021 software and 2021 SDK. Both are installed on the same machine.

    Below is the exception that I'm getting-

    **** Inner Exception Type…