• Sage 50 could not be opened because the company data location at... could not be accessed or is not a valid company data location.

    After installing Sage 50 and trying to run it I get the above message.  I can see and access the folder/files in the mapped drives.  

    Now I looked into it and tried some troubleshooting from KB10259.  I went through the troubleshooting sections and discovered…

  • prior month bank activity

    I logged on to my Sage Cloud account and downloaded the banking activity.  May downloaded but April was not there.  How can I go back and download April bank activity?

  • Entering in a CC purchase receipt

    Hi. I am having troubles finding the correct spot to enter in a CC expense/purchase. Not using a CC to pay bills specifically, and not inventory necessarily, but day to day misc things (such as receipts for gas, meals, office supplies). Has anybody run…

  • Importing Sales Orders - Unit Price and Amount are coming in as negative values rather than positive values, and what is the Number of Distributions value used for on a Sales Order?

    I am new to Sage 50 and trying to help this small business to import sales order information.  I started by identifying the fields that I thought we needed and then I exported that so that I had everything in the right sequence.  I don't see a place when…

  • .NET error 1026 and error 1000


    We are seeing consistent crashes with Sage 50 using Remote Data Access on our user's machines. Doesn't matter if they are running Windows 10 or 11, although systems running Windows 11 are crashing more often. These happen regardless of whether or…

  • Do I Need A New Application ID For Each Installation?

    We have a developer license and application ID which we have used to create a connector that pulls data from an ERP into Sage 50. It runs as a windows service. It has worked well on all our development boxes. Yesterday, we tried to install the windows…

  • Is the Copy Function allow within the "Write Checks" Option?

    The copy function is available with Purchases and is very helpful when posting a vendor invoice. It helps with consistency with invoice descriptions and helps identify duplicate service billing.

    I would find this same feature most helpful within the …

  • Adding an Invoice Comment

    I'm setting up our company for the first time and working on our invoice layout. I need a field at the top where I can write unique comments to the customer. I found a field called "Invoice Comment" that I thought would work for this, but when I go to…

  • Product activation failed - Sage 50 Accounting 2019

    Hello everyone,
    Thank you for your help.

    I had to reinstall Sage 50 on a laptop because of some problems, but when it reinstalled it asks me to activate the product, normally I give it Activate online and it stays.
    But on this computer I get the error:…

  • Peachtree 2010

    Good day,

    My computer crashed and I lost my peachtree program files. I seem to have lost my cd or whatever was used to download the software. I have my serial number  and activation code for 2010 Peachtree PRO Retail .  


    Is it possible to assist me…

  • Customizing Invoice Layout - On Screen Issue

    I went into the REPORTS & FORMS -> INVOICES-> selected the form to edit -> customize and I customized the invoice to my liking. I saved it. When I am creating the invoice and select this invoice template, the additional description column does not show…

  • Retained Earnings

    Hi There,

    My retained earnings from previous year got impacted due to some erroneous adjustments. Is there a way I can figure it out what has caused this issue?

    I also don't know how to lock in a period (monthly) or yearly.


  • Why are customers alerted when the system is down and when it comes back up?

    Why are customers alerted when the system is down and when it comes back up? Saturday 03-11-2023 was an unexpected outage and we all were left hanging with no support or acknowledgement. Customers we need to demand better than that from Sage. 

  • Remote data access kicks users out randomly


    In our environment, Sage 50c has been kicking my users off randomly. This happens multiple times per day with no warning. In most cases, users can get right back in and it appears that their session picks up without issue. However, the more these…

  • "Can't open company...old version of Btrieve running"

    Hi All,

    I've been running v2023 since a month after its release.  No fundamental changes in software or systems...other than Win 11 update months ago.

    Now getting the following message with no response when clicking the 'Help' button.  Any recommended…

  • Ship-to address not "sticking" on sales order form

    A \ client has been reporting for some time that, when they print a sales order with a different ship-to address than the default for the customer. the ship-to on the order changes back to the default, and then inserts that default ship-to address in the…

  • Backup

    Anyone else have an issue with backups that have been « saved » and then actually being unable to find those backups or they don’t exist in the computer?  I have been using Sage/Peachtree for over 20 years, this is the first time I am…

  • Maintain Cutomers

    Has anyone else had an issue entering customers, getting a message saying Customer Id already exists in Sage?  

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  • Looking to upgrade Sage 50 to a fully integrated ERP/MRP System

    We (Small company, two companies with a lot of intercompany business) are currently using Sage 50 and another ERP/MRP system for Production and Engineering and I am investigating the possibilities to use Sage as a fully integrated ERP (incl. MRP) system…

  • Can Sage 2020 UI be imported into Sage 50 2016 to replace the classic icons?

    We have a small tissue factory which is still running an older 2016 premium edition. Everytime I get to check the accounts, I am greeted with the classic from 90s interface with old icons, where as the newer 2020 interface seems better. Is there a simple…

  • allow General Journal entries dated in the future

    Just got off Sage support where the tech could view my screen.  In Sage I have always been able to create a recurring general journal entry in a time period that's to post i.e. for 24 months and into future years.  In 2022 I posted recurring GJ entries…

  • POS for Sage 50c Quantum

    Hello Everyone,

    Is there POS that can integrate with Sage 50c Quantum. If yes, please share the idea.


  • Stop receiving posts

    How do I stop receiving posts on topics that mean nothing to me?

  • Viewing, opening, and printing saved pdf attachments to the customer database.

    Question regarding viewing a pdf after saving as attachment to the Customer Database.  If I click on "maintain," "Customer/prospects," enter the customer number which opens the desired customer, click on "file" within the customer window, and select the…