• POS with Sage 50 Desktop

    Is it possible to integrate a POS with Sage 50 Desktop? If yes, what is the procedure? Thanks.

  • Sage 50 for Poultry and Crop Production Business

    Please I need an idea on how to set up and use Sage 50 for poultry and crop production business that produces and sells egg, chicken, feed and agricultural produce. What item class is best for the egg, chicken, agricultural produce and feed produced.…

  • Dac Easy Conversion to Sage 50 HELP

    I have a support ticket in with Sage but have not been able to make any progress with the changeover and I need to make payroll checks.  Any suggestions or guidance on the move would be greatly appreciated. I am currently waiting to get the converted data…

  • What features do you want to learn more about in Sage 50?

    For you Sage 50 users, what features do you want to learn more about? I am going to do a video series and I want to start with the most pressing issues.

    Just this week I learned of a company that was using 2 programs to do a job that Sage alone could…

  • Accounting Periods

    My accounting periods has changed from its previous period to a new one before it was running from january to december but now its running from august to september more than the expected 12 monthly calendar months 

    please what can i do to correct this…

  • RE: transfer vendor credit memo

    Since it has not been used, simply change the name.  The program will not care who you credit when it is not linked to another transaction in the system.

    When you go to pay, the negative invoice should show up.  Just check it off with your payment.

  • RE: Link Vendors/Clients to JVs?

    Your Vendor and Customer subsidiary records will be a mess and out of balance.  Steve is right, you cannot use a GJE to make these adjustments.

    Try changing who you are paying. on the check.  If you look to the left of the vendor name, you will see a down…

  • RE: Purchase Order Help

    Easy fix.  Go to the top menu bar > OPTIONS Tab > Global.    Change your program default decimal places here!!

    While you are in Global Options there may be some other options you like.  These changes can really make a difference in how you are using…

  • RE: Payables account

    I do not suggest multiple payable accounts.   It will cost you too much time keeping it reconciled.  

    You may wish to use work tickets.  Work Tickets

    How Do I...

    Work tickets allow you to bring together all of the materials, both labor and parts, needed…

  • RE: Moving database files to a new server.

    Install the software on the server,  Back up the program from the old computer and restore the company data on the new computer (open Sage 50 go to  File tab > Restore)    Remap your workstations following the instructions below.  

    The things that will…

  • RE: Search for Account in Chart of Accounts crashes Peachtree 2012 Non Profit


    Anti-virus scanning program path.


    Stop the anti-virus scan, and run it at a different time. Stopping it allows the search to proceed normally.

  • RE: History of non-inventory Items

    You have it.  Go to the Inventory Service Management tab.  You can pull each Item up and see every transaction with that item.

    To find this, go to the inventory tab on the left side of the main dasher board.  You are on the inventory and service tab.  Look…

  • RE: Void a payment after reconciliation

    That is correct.  It was made in 2013.  Just bring it back into the books in 2014.  What ever happens in real life must also happen in your Sage 50 program.  Even though the payment was canceled, it must be recorded as such.  

    I am not sure what the entry…

  • RE: Another user is currently performing an operation that requires single access to Sage 50. Please try again in a Few moments.


    •"Another user is currently performing an operation that requires single user access to Sage 50. Please try again in a few moments."

    •Unable to launch Sage 50 from workstations in a network environment


    Incorrect permissions…