• Aged Account Payable report does not agree with Balance Sheet AP

    My AP on the Balance sheet is 5 times the Aged AP report. Both tech support and my account rep say this is correct. Tech sent me an email saying::

    "The balance sheet shows a running total of all debits and credits for an account. Both paid and unpaid…

  • Report of Vendors and G/L Account

    Does Sage 50 have a report that I can print showing the vendors and G/L account where any payment to them would be posted?

    Thank you

  • Cash basis financial reporting in accural basis company setup

    I'm trying to find out if there is a way to do  a cash-basis reporting in the company that was setup on the accrual basis.

    It seems that Sage 50 US doesn't have a way to do that (unless I'm wrong), I tried to create a new company with a cash basis…

  • How to find every transaction tied to an expense account #?

    I'm using Peachtree 2010 and just use basic functions so I'm not well versed in the in's and outs of this software but my CPA has found a considerable discrepancy in one of my accounts and so I'm trying to find a way to isolate this account so I can identify…

  • paperless invoices

    Have Sage 50 and no longer want to mail my clients invoices, we want to email  all invoices.

    Can someone send me any information on that or do we just hit email instead of print on the screen?

    Thank  you



    Is there a report that includes the notes entered for inventory under the maintain Inventory Items??  If not how can you see the notes that were made for a particular inventory item id?

  • Time Tickets Not Used in Sales Invoice

    How can I get a Time Ticket report of time tickets not used in A/R invoices? All of my saved custom reports somehow disappeared and I lost a report that listed only tickets not already used on a customer invoice. I cannot find a report with a filter on…

  • Tracking stock parts found both in bins & built assemblies

    In Sage 50 Quantum is there a simple way to view stock levels of parts some of which are in built assemblies and some still found in parts bins?  For example we have an instrument that us comprised of over 600 unique parts.  Within the instrument are 50…

  • reprinting direct deposit stubs

    I need to reprint the direct deposit stubs. I was working remotely (never had this problem) and something happened with the printer. How can I reprint the stubs. thanks

  • 1099 NEC critique

    Where do I critique the 1099 NEC etc issue in Sage 50  for 2022.  If you upgraded to the 2023 package, which we did when we were supposed to ..., ALL OF YOUR CUSTOM 1099 reports DISAPPEARED!!  Supplanted with Aatrix reports.  Which are a HUGE STEP DOWN!! 

  • Invoice Line Item Detail -> Cash Disbursement Journal

    Our controller has asked that we send a weekly report to decision makers showing all of the cash leaving the building & what it was for. They are looking to see the line item description or detail that would pull through to the G/L in this report.…

  • Report for Simple IRA weekly payment

    I am trying to figure out how to run a report (like a tax liability report) for our Simple IRA.  In Quickbooks, there was a report that I could run to know how much Employee/Company contributions to pay each week.  I cannot find one in Sage 50.  Any help…

  • i cannot get 1099s to work in the latest update

    for some reason it takes me through a 1099 preparer, but even if i enter the info in the set up, at the end it shows the same errors - help!!!

  • emailing from Sage

    We just updated to Sage 50 5023 & installed on a new server.  Now the 2 people that USED to be able to email from Peachtree are unable.  (I wasn't able to email for the last couple of years BUT now I can)>


  • 1099 in Sage 50 2023 Help!

    We just installed the update and my 1099 forms are gone.   When I click on Tax Forms it takes me to a new program that is completely different - is there any help in printing 1099's like we did previously?   It almost seems like it is setting it up to…

  • cant send email

    Hi has anyone been having problems sending emails through sage 50 2023 version?

    I am running sage 50 2023 version on my M1 mac using the latest parallels 

    . but every time I tried to send a quote or invoice i keep getting this message that say sage 50…

  • Check Printing

    Is there any way to add a signature to the check printing?

  • Access to Sage 50US Data

    What access do you have to your data in Sage 50US after your subscription ends?

  • What information is available to you in the Sage 50US program after you end your subscription?

    I have a question regarding what reports are available to you when you stop your subscription to sage 50 US.

  • error with PO form. inconveniences when printing purchase order form.

     When designing Purchase Order Form it on a workstation it prints correctly but when trying to do it on the corresponding computer the words are cut off, it has been tried centering, changing the fonts, adjusting and nothing,
    • in the link show the error…
  • RE: Reports-Account Reconciliation.

    RE: Reports-Account Reconciliation. Can you please open up the "show" column under "Columns" and allow us to insert the "Description" column in our bank reconciliations. We download journal entries in our payroll accounts and we cannot see the description…

  • Batch emailing invoices

    When I email invoices I am having to hit send on every single email. I didn't have to do this previously so I am not sure what setting changed. Can you please help me fix this?

  • 2010 Peachtree accounting will not email invoices

    I have 2010 Peachtree Accounting. Periodically it refuses to email invoices. error message that there is a missing or corrupt file, reinstall or call support. This has been problem over the years. I always uninstalled and reinstalled dozens of time until…

  • My checks are printing in double sided mode.

    When selecting bills for payment, Sage will print them double sided. I can exit and start over then use the printer properties to change it from 2 sided to single sided. Program will then freeze. Have to do a ctrl-alt-delete to clear the frozen program…

  • Sorting and subtotals on Financial Statements Reporting

    Very frustrated with reporting of Financial Statements on SAGE 50.

    I have account ID structure of 1234-56-78

    1234 = Account number

    56 = Numeric department number

    78 = department subaccount category

    I want to issue financial operations reports in following…