• Credit Card Integration

    We use Sage 50 software and need an online credit card integration system. 

    Quickbooks online supports a credit card integration that is wonderful. The business owner decides who gets a card, their spending limit, etc.  Charges show up automatically. The…

  • quantum 2023 local network vs cloud

    We have been notified by Sage that support for this product will not be renewed when it finished on august 2023 unless we migrate it to the cloud. We have been trying to know advantages and disadvantages of this movement and as of today do not have this…

  • Automatic Inventory BOM add on

    Good day

    I am seeking an add on to Sage in which an inventory BOM runs on raw material when a finished product is invoiced out. Is there such an add on available?

    Thanking you in advance


  • Sage 50 US - List of APIs available

    Need to understand the extract options available with Sage 50, apart from Export option in UI, Is there a way to extract the data using APIs, if yes then, What are the APIs available to extract the Sage 50 US (Accounting) data, and where can I access…

  • Sage 50 2023 Cannot export to Excel

    I've just upgraded Sage 50 to the 2023 version.  Now when I try to Export to Excel, I get the message "An unexpected error occurred while copying your report to Microsoft Excel".  I have previously used this feature daily.  I have restarted…

  • AP Automation

    we are considering looking at the Sage AP Automation (Beanworks/Quadient). Does anyone have any experience with using this add-on? Good, bad, otherwise...

    Anyone using something outside of Sage that they like, or don't like? 

    Sorry for the general…

  • Sage integration with Stripe

    We are looking to add Stripe as our payment processor.  Per the Stripe representative, Stripe does integrate with Sage 50 for Credit card payments but was not sure if it integrates with ACH/ bank payments. Does anyone know if Stripe does integrate ACH…

  • POS for Sage 50c Quantum

    Hello Everyone,

    Is there POS that can integrate with Sage 50c Quantum. If yes, please share the idea.


  • Interface with Avalara's Avatax

    Who here uses the Avatax plug-in to calculate sales taxes?  This forum would be a great place to share ideas on this subject.

  • POS with Sage 50 Desktop

    Is it possible to integrate a POS with Sage 50 Desktop? If yes, what is the procedure? Thanks.

  • has anyone found a replacement for Ship Gear?

    Write back program for UPS shipments.

  • Barcode Scanning for Inventory

    Does anyone use a barcode system with Sage 50 to scan inventory coming in?

    We are looking for a system to use with Sage 50 but keep coming up with road blocks.

    Any insight would be helpful.

    Thank you.


  • Scanning Customer PO to Sales Order

    Does anyone know if there is a way to scan a customer's po and have it uploaded into a Sales Order.

    we currently have to take the PO and manually add every item into the sales order.

    We are trying to simplify processes.

    There has to be an easier way…

  • Sage and Egnyte

    Does anyone utilize Egnyte as a cloud file storage platform and run Sage50 from this platform along with saving company files here?  We have used this as our cloud storage system with a one user license successfully but have recently moved to 2 users and…

  • BOM Import

    We want to bring BOM data in from our CAD system. I've exported an existing BOM to see what it looks like, but there is a lot of info beyond the structure. Is there a way to bring in new items and update existing ones without corrupting what we have?…

  • Sage addons

    Sage addons - I previously used an external addon to Sage which allowed me to run sales invoices off in batches, automatically uploaded to Sage and split the costs over a month end automatically. Does Sage have this or who do you use?

  • certificate ND215.QuickCloud365.com and cloud lag

    Back in 2019 we moved to a "stand alone" format as we do not process payrolls through Sage. Than moved to the cloud based format on 3-2-21. Since we have had a lag in key stokes (delay) and this morning my computer pop up indicates that our identity of…

  • SAge Upgrade and data migration problem

    We have been using Sage Line 50 version 10  with perpetual licensing and we had no issues for years but for integration reasons with another Application, we have to upgrade to a higher  supported version like sage 50 2013 (Peachtree).

    Are perpetual licenses…

  • 32-bit vs 64-bit for emailing invoices from Sage

    I have installed Sage 50 and Microsoft onto a new computer and I cannot email invoices from Sage using Microsoft Outlook as my default email.  Microsoft was installed as 64-bit.  Should it have been installed as 32-bit in order to email invoices from Sage…

  • INTEGRATION: Inventory (with kits) sent from Sage50 to website and marketplaces (ebay/amazon)

    Hello, I run an online-only business, and we use Sage50

    I am looking for a way to have Sage send my inventory to my custom website, as well as marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon

    I currently use custom software that is full of bugs, and I am looking…

  • POS system with barcode scanning.

    When is us Sage US going to get a Barcode translator that will make Sage 50 a POS System? Take a look at this european third party addon :  

    Maintaining the Barcode Database for use with the plus(+) versions of Q-tron Software
    Advanced Barcode…

  • "Refresh connection" Connect to Bank Error

    I get this error when trying to connect to TD Bank.  If I select any bank I get this error.  I turned off antivirus and firewall and still does not work. Anyone else have this issue and get it resolved?

  • Bank, PayPal, Square Link

    Initially, I used QuickBooks but it was a basically a checkbook. However, I like the fact that I could link my bank account, PayPal, Square POS to QuickBooks. I never had to enter any information manually. 

    Now, I have Sage and I found out today that I…

  • Integration of Sage 50 U.S. with ShipStation


    I am a long-time Sage 50 add-on partner that has authored a bridge (ShipSync) that can be utilized with ShipStation to replace ShipGear.

    Here is a link to another thread in this forum with a little more detail about the solution:

    has anyone found…

  • Downloading quotes from Zoho into Sage 50

    We use ZOHO as our CRM platform.  Has anyone attempted to download data (such as quotes) from ZOHO into Sage 50?  If so please share if you were successful and what process did you use.  Through a quick google search, there are applications that will assist…