• Invoicing

    Our business just completed a big job where I sent them invoices as various parts were completed. In total they received 13 invoices.  Now they want just one invoice.  That is a lot of retyping.  Is there any way to cut and paste from other invoices to add…

  • Edit Level 2 Totals for account group total Sage 50 accounting

    Using Sage 50 US Premium Accounting

    Several years ago, I created a custom financial statement report. In this report I created Level 2 group totals for several groups. Now I have added a few new expense accounts I would like to add these accounts into…

  • POS with Sage 50 Desktop

    Is it possible to integrate a POS with Sage 50 Desktop? If yes, what is the procedure? Thanks.

  • Error in customise form print (Sage 2023)

    When I use customise form (for example receive money / pay bill), after choosing 1 payment/cash reciept and use customise form to print and preview, the application will keep loading hundred and thousand of form.

    Anyone has come across same bug and any…

  • Can I delete an .ofx file that I imported to a bank reconciliation in Sage 50?

    I thought I would try importing an .ofx file from my bank to reconcile our business checking account. I do not like how it turned out. Is there any way to undo or delete? Every time I go back into reconcile the account the import file populates in. I…


    the previous person here made our accounting period 13 months - I want it back to 12 months.


  • Display Totals in Financial Statements

    When displaying and printing a Financial Statement in Sage 50 2022, I would like to show only totals for certain expenses.  For example, each employee has a 10 digit GL account number for their payroll.  The first 5 digits are the samre for all employees…

  • How can I get to buy sage 50 U.S Edition 2022 or 2021

    How do I get to buy Sage 50 U.S Edition. Though I downloaded it 2021 online and it was asking for the Serial Number.

    Please I will appreciate prompt response

  • How to set custom fields to be printed on last page of forms in Sage 50 US 2022?

    hello all, 

    I am trying to customize SO, Quotes & Invoices.  I want to put signature line and some notes at the last page.

    In Sage50 2022 US Edition, can't find any option to set fields on last page.

    Appreciate the help from community. 

    Thanks in…

  • Connect Sage 50 (local) with Google Data Studio

    Was wondering if anyone had any experience connecting Sage 50 US with Google Data Studio?

    We love the integration with our websites (MYSQL connected)  and a Google Sheets connection and would love to connect our Sage50 Data in Google Data Studio to make…

  • Test Companies Gone After 2022 update

    The test companies that come with the software have completely disappeared since we updated to the new Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2022. How do I get them back? I use these quite often. 

    Lori M

  • Problema Activar Remota

    Tengo una licencia de SAGE50 que compre de forma PERPETUA.  normalmente por mantenimiento borramos todo en las computadoras de la oficina y reinstalamos windows completamente, también hemos cambiado casi todas las pc a unas nuevas por renovación.…

  • Can SAGE 50 quantum open SAGE 50 premium backup

    My CPA uses SAGE 50 quantum and my company uses SAGE 50 premium. Can he take my backup and convert to SAGE 50 quantum so he can view my accounting? If so, what are the steps to do this?

    thank you!!


  • Sage 50 2019 Setup file

    Hi Guys,

    Can someone please post a direct link to download Sage50_2019 please?

    if anyone has a trial product key that would be very much appreciated!

  • Sage 50 E-mail Write On

    Good Day All,

    Please what is the resolution to this following error:

    Printer not activated, error code 20.

    The error pop up any time I try to email invoice from Sage 50.

    Any assistance will be highly appreciated.


  • Issue with Sage 50 US 2015 Premium on server re-installed on a new laptop.

    We use Sage 50 on server since 2015 for 3 users. 

    Recently I installed the same software on my New laptop and it doesn't work the same way smooth as on my old laptop.

    For several part of the menu, a window open, then close immediately and Sage 50 freeze…

  • Importing CSV

    Hi all and glad to be here.

    I am using Sage50 to keep track of accounting that needs to be imported using QB CSV files.  I don't know if there is an easier way but I finally resorted to exporting Sage files to then populate using the QB data (hopefully…

  • Sage 50 for Poultry and Crop Production Business

    Please I need an idea on how to set up and use Sage 50 for poultry and crop production business that produces and sells egg, chicken, feed and agricultural produce. What item class is best for the egg, chicken, agricultural produce and feed produced.…

  • File System error number 43 in file c:\sage\PEACHT`1\Company\agrincai\JRNLHDR.DAT

    We have been having so many issues with this program and not much help. I already lost 3 months worth of data from the server failure. Now that we fixed that on our own, it has stopped working for me. I keep getting the File System error number 43 in…

  • User Control approval

    My Sage 50 was just updated.

    Now when I open Saage I need to approve the opening with User Control. I know I can turn Account User Control off but would prefer not to. Is there a way to stop the need to approve just  Sage 50?

  • Currently using Peachtree Premium 2010. Can I upgrade to Sage 5O 2021 Premium with no issues?

    We have been using Peachtree Premium 2010 on a stand alone computer running windows 7.

    One day the invoices which used to be displayed in date order suddenly became jumbled and random.

    January's invoice is next to Mays and so on and the dates are intermixed…

  • Email - Invoice and Statements

    We are using Sage 50 (US) Premium Accounting 2020 and email invoices to our customers  I cannot figure out however where or how to see the sent emails. We use MS Outlook and the emails sent from Sage do not show up in the sent mail in the email account…

  • Sign Off

    I am so frustrated with the automatic sign off/sign out of my Sage 50 Premium 2021.  I can't even take a phone call or go to the restroom without being signed out.  How to I turn this "bug" off?  They say it's after an hour of inactivity but…

  • Custom email message

    I can't find where to add custom verbiage for Invoices, POs, etc. in the email template.

  • Activation Problem

    Dear Expert,

    First I would like to thank you for your support. In 2018 we bought Sage 2018 Premium (US)  five users and we installed it on 7 sites for our company and I after sometime Some of the computers infected by virus and we format and install fresh…