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Where do I critique the 1099 NEC etc issue in Sage 50  for 2022.  If you upgraded to the 2023 package, which we did when we were supposed to ..., ALL OF YOUR CUSTOM 1099 reports DISAPPEARED!!  Supplanted with Aatrix reports.  Which are a HUGE STEP DOWN!!  NO warning!  Just POOOF ... reports gone. Aatrix program is not user friendly and has no useful editing tools,  The Sage 50 Vendor files are NOT set up to transfer over to Aatrix properly.  You have to MANUALLY Edit, check, enter almost everything.  KIND OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF A COMPUTER  PROGRAM WHEN YOU HAVE TO ENTER ALMOST EVERYTHING BY HAND!!!!

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    Hi ,

    Thank you for this feedback. Believe I found your account ending 400xxxx875 with a request by chat to have a manager contact you. I've forwarded the team your comments here and have asked them for an update on when you can expect to hear back. Will update you with any news. 

    Warm Regards, 

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    Someone did get back to me.  Absolutely no help at all.  Pointed the finger at Aatrix.  "thier program".  Which is true, however ... It was foisted upon us by Sage, we had NO CHOICE in the matter.  And the product is inferior compared to the Sage reports we were using before. AND, I have a sneaking suspicion that Sage has washed it's hands of 1099's and we'll have to pay for the inferioir Aatrix product next year. NOT HAPPY!!!

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    Hmm thank you, I've followed up with the team to see if we can put together a communication with more details on the change.

  • It has been very time-consuming for consultants.  I have WASTED more time than necessary on this issue.   The old forms should have been left in the program.   TOO many people purchased the wrong forms.  This has been very costly also. 

    Shirley Byard

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