Viewing, opening, and printing saved pdf attachments to the customer database.

Question regarding viewing a pdf after saving as attachment to the Customer Database.  If I click on "maintain," "Customer/prospects," enter the customer number which opens the desired customer, click on "file" within the customer window, and select the drop-down "add attachments," I can save the pdf there.  After I save it there, however, the only way I can find to view or open this attachment is to repeat the steps above, and when I reach the step where I'm going to add an attachment, the attachment is there, and I can double-click it to view.  My question is this, "in what other ways can I view the attachment other than repeating the steps above?"  Viewing an attachment to an invoice is much more straightforward.  I save an attachment to an invoice after creating and saving the invoice.  Later, to view the attachment, I open the invoice, and there is a paperclip at the top of the invoice window that you can click on, then view your attachment there.  But that paperclip doesn't show up for me in the "maintain customers" window.  My purpose in this post is to find out if I'm missing a more straightforward way to view and print attachments in the "maintain Customer" database after I've saved the tax-exempt certificate pdf to their "Maintain Customer" database.  Thank you in advance.